How to move an object along a path in PowerPoint?

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Moving an object in PowerPoint along a trajectory not only energizes a presentation, but also makes your message much readable.

Move an object along a path in PowerPoint

In this example we will use an image object (Sonic the Hedgehog) that we will animate.

  1. Select your image object, then in the ribbon click on the animation Tours tab Entertainment

    Note: The animation is in the category Animating motion (Dropdown list)

  2. Then move the handles of the animation in order to modify the trajectory Note: you can modify the path of your image object more precisely by right-clicking on the path, then on Edit Points.

  3. All you have to do is preview the landing of our aviator by clicking on the button Preview tape.

As you can see, it is very easy to animate text or images along a trajectory or a path. There are several movement animations allowing you to animate in a circle or even in a diamond, but also by making a personalized path in several stages.

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