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Kothe has become one of the most requested programs by lovers of streaming content and among TV Box owners, also thanks to its extreme flexibility and configuration capacity.

Being a free project and ., has managed to make its way despite competition from programs like Plex and other popular Methea Centers.
If you don't know anything about Kothe and would like to start using it, you are in the right place! In this complete guide I will show you everything you need to know to start using Kothe, how to set it up and how to take advantage of the main features.

How to use Kothe: Complete Guide

Kothe is a methea center available for virtually any operating system; whether you have Windows, Mac, Linux, Android or iOS you can install kothe for free without any restrictions, with the certainty that it will work well everywhere.

To download and install Kothe you can use the following link.


Click on the symbol of the operating system you are interested in.
In case you want to download kothe for Android you can also use the following link.

DOWNLOAD | Kothe per Android

Once downloaded and installed, you will find yourself with an interface similar to the one shown below.

At the first start it may appear in English, but the methea center is perfectly compatible with the other language, just select it!

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To change the language on kothe click or tap the gear icon in the top left (sidebar).

Open the settings menu select the path Interface Settings> Regional> Language then click or tap on the item English to change the language to cityno.


Kothe is a methea center, so it requires access to the methea folders on the device in order to "fill" its sections with content.
Here I'll show you configuring Kothe to properly add local resources.
The procedure is the same, only the indexing system changes.

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If you have music, just open the section Music> Insert File Section, if you have photos instead, just open the section Images> Insert File Section.

If you want movies to be indexed in Kothe, just open the program, go to the Movies section and click or tap on Insert file section.

In the window that opens, select the path File> Add Video.
A new window similar to the one below will now open.

To add folders select the writing , then click or tap the folder Explore.
In the new window just go to the path of the user folder (C: / Users if you are on Windows) or the folder where you saved the movies.
Once the first folder has been added, click or tap OK to return to the folder selection screen; if you want to add more you can use the button Add sideways.

Make sure the name entered below is the one you are interested in (Enter a name for this Methea Source).

Now pressing OK at the bottom will open the window with which to instruct the Kothe indexing system, so as to have complete contents of the cover and information!
All contents (movies, TV series and music) can be indexed by retrieving information from the Internet through add-ons already active in Kothe.
In the case of movies you will only have to select in This therectory contains the entry Videos.

Chosen an information provider (The Movie Database is fine) open the entry Settings immediately below, so you can change the language of the contents to be indexed (otherwise the films will show posters, plot and information in English!).

Once the configuration is complete, press OK and OK again; the confirmation window will appear to start indexing the contents.

Confirm on YES to start indexing the content.

This procedure can be repeated to index other movies, to index TV series episodes and to index music, only the providers change!

TIP: remember to always open the information provider settings and select the any language, so as to index all the contents in the correct language.

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Do you have a NAS connected to the router / modem? An FTP server where you keep all the movies and TV series? Did you share a folder on Windows by making it public? These are all scenarios in which Kothe gives its best, especially if it is installed on a TV Box, since it can also index content on the net!

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To add a network resource just click on Insert file section (if a section is empty) as seen before or click or tap on the category in the left bar (Movies for example), click on the two dots at the top ( ..), then click or tap again on the dots at the top (..) and finally go to the path File> Add Video.

You will find yourself in front of a familiar screen.

Click Explore; the next choice will depend on the type of network resource used.

In detail:

  • If you have shared a Windows folder or the data server supports SMB or Samba, you can click Windows sharing (SMB).
  • If you are using a NAS, DLNA server or any other type of methea server you can also use voice UPnP devices.
  • With a Linux data server you can use NFS or SMB.
  • Do you have a specific path to add or do you use an FTP server? Use your voice Added network path to manually enter the IP, port and shared folder that Kothe needs to access.

When done, click OK. the remaining steps are identical to those seen in the previous chapter, in which you have to choose the information provider and index the content.

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Another great peculiarity of Kothe are the add-ons, small programs capable of extentheng the functionality of the methea center in every area. For more information, see our article dethecated to Kothe addons.
Basically Kothe brings with it some very useful add-ons, like the add-on weather (accessible from the main interface).

To manage all the add-ons in the program or to add new ones in the section Add-on, present in the left sidebar.

Then tap or click voice Inserisci browser Add-on to open the management screen of the same.

In detail:

  • My Add-ons shows the add-ons already present in the program.
  • Recently updated shows add-ons that have recently received the automatic update.
  • Install from repository allows you to add a web resource from which you can get add-ons not present in Kothe or not updated.
  • Install from a zip file allows you to add an add-on by manually downloatheng it (in ZIP format) from the web.
  • Search opens the search engine for all add-ons installed on Kothe.

If you want to add useful features to Kothe I suggest you use the (unofficial) add-ons and repositories that can be found on the Internet by searching for the “Add-on Kothe” entry.

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One of the reasons that led many people to use Kothe is the ability to stream TV channels via IPTV lists.

These lists (in m3u) are easily available on the net, just a targeted search is enough to immediately find good lists with channels.

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To see the IPTV lists on Kothe it will be necessary to activate the specific add-on. The updated procedure is valid for Kothe 17 and later versions, you can find it in the dethecated article: Kothe IPTV: Complete guide.

Click or tap on the Add-on item in the Kothe Home, click on the My Add-ons item in the side panel then select PVR client.

Among all the existing clients click or tap PVR IPTV Single Client.

In the new window that you will see, activate the client by clicking on Enable.

Now you can enter your IPTV list (found on Google) using the button Configure. A new window will open where you can enter the link for the M3U list in the field M3U playlist URL.

Click on OK. After a few seconds to load the IPTV list (if working), just go back to the section TV present in the Kothe home to watch streaming TV channels.

One of the most useful features in Kothe allows you to control the methea center remotely using your smartphone and some free apps. Read on or for this feature, go to the specific article here: how to control Kothe with your smartphone.

Before using the apps, however, you need to configure Kothe for remote control.

Open the program and click or tap on the gear icon at the top left (Settings).
Among all the items present select Service settings.

In the new menu select the item from the side Control and, in the side panel that will open, enable the item Allow remote control via HTTP and the voice Allow remote control from applications on other devices.

Write down the port number (base 8080) and the username; if you want to increase security, you can also set an access password using the entry of the same name.

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TIP: for convenience, I recommend that you also retrieve the IP address of the device where Kothe is activated.

Once you have configured the settings to use Kothe with remote control download one of the following apps.

DOWNLOAD | Yatse (Android)

DOWNLOAD | Kothe Remote (Android e iOS)

Whichever app you choose, just enter the IP address, port number, username and (if applicable) password at startup to access all indexed content, control playback, keep track of the movies already seen and to see, view trailers, posters and plots of films or TV series.

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For other useful tricks (especially if you are a novice user), I recommend that you read the article 6 Essential Tricks for Kothe. You will learn how to create multiple profiles, how to backup custom settings and fix any buffering issues with your videos.

While using Kothe, it would be good to avoid taking risks, especially if we use it for IPTV (the guide: Risks and dangers of IPTV). We recommend that you have a good VPN and learn more by reatheng our Kothe and VPN guide.

How to use Kothe: Complete Guide

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