Sharkoon REV100 • Reverse design gaming case review

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If there is a CASE​ that struck me for its extravagance is just that Sharkoon REV100, a case that wants to be different and knows how to get noticed.

Today we present it to you in the Full review.

Sharkoon once again he has shown that he knows how to navigate this sea of ​​tech sharks by distinguishing himself with another out of the ordinary piece and he does so with the REV100.

Similar to the older brothers of the line REV brings with it many of the characteristics sought by gamer who want to show off the most alternative configurations.

Sharkoon REV100 RGB • Technical specifications

In question we have a case ATX mid tower fairly small in size and weight, as well as the space enclosed within it; nothing revolutionary up to this point.

The special feature of this case is that the housing for the motherboard is rotated 90 °, thus involving the positioning of the Video Card, unusually, in vertical.

Equally alternative is the direction in which the PC presents itself, since the panel in tempered glass it is placed on the right side, unlike the vast majority of houses on the market.

Another feature that makes you smile is the price: it's a pretty cheap case, you can find it around 70 € wet, which makes it palatable a bit for all budgets even if the most demanding will point to higher models REV 200 o REV 220.

As for the internal preparation, it comes out of the box with already two fans from 120 mm pre-installed, one of which RGB on the back, but supports up to five fans overall: three front and two rear.

As for the dissipation, there is the possibility of installing a heat sink da 280 mm on the rear panel but it can be inconvenient for space reasons, so it is possible that you will have to opt for a air cooler.

Weight: 5.8 kgArchiving: up to 3 x 2,5 ″
o 2 x 3,5″
Pre-installed fans: 2 x 120 mm SD card reader: No
USB: 2 x 3.0Dimensions: 45,2 x 21,5 x 44,4 cm
Max Cooler Height: 167 mmRGB:  Yup
Maximum GPU Length: 315 mmDust filters: 4

As already mentioned, it does not have large internal spaces and the rotation of the motherboard involves sacrifices in terms of space, such as the GPU which by force of circumstances is forced to a maximum length of 315 mm and this is definitely a factor that you will have to pay attention to when choosing.

The company, however, ensures an excellent airflow, even better than many traditional builds, as the front fans would allow you to actively cool the GPU leaving the proprietary fans inactive.

In the same way, the impermeability of the case was also taken care of from external factors such as dust which is promptly stopped by four dust filters, two of which are stowed in the front panel.

Also as regards the predisposition for the housing of memory disks it does not excel but let's say that nowadays, thanks to the advent of SSD M.2 Nvme, it is unnecessary to have many slots for SSD disks.

Finally, it features a controller RGB to which the fan on the back is originally already connected and, thanks to the dedicated button, you can manage the lighting scenes coordinated with the ice of the front panel.

The top panel is slightly bare and includes only two doors USB 3.0 in addition to the power button and the headphone and microphone inputs; no provision for any CD players.

Sharkoon REV100 RGB • Build quality and materials

Il REV100 is a well built case, i materials they are solid and entirely made of metal, with the exception of the front panel which is made of hard plastic, thus justifying the weight of “only” 5,8 kg.

The fans are also well made and, from a functional point of view, they are quite silent and performing.

Il tempered glass panel, although it has become a must in modern configurations, it is still an important detail to which Sharkoon has paid the attention it deserves by improving the hinges that attach it to the case.

Critical point is the lack of rubberized sheaths for the passage of cables which, although designed so that most of the wiring is hidden by the PSU cover, I would have preferred they were implemented anyway.

Sharkoon REV100 RGB • Cable management ed estetica

He box REV100, like the big brothers of the brand Sharkoon, certainly knows how to amaze you with the great peculiarity of using a reverse design compared to the traditional method, hence the name of the line REV.

The layout of the hardware may seem slightly misleading to you at first glance but I think that a case like this either you love it or hate it, I personally appreciate the idea of ​​proposing something different.

being the motherboard rotated 90 °, all the connectivity ports we previously found on the back are now positioned under the top panel, which you can access by simply removing the panel.

Il cable managementobviously suffered from the new internal layout of the components but Sharkoon she was quite good at adapting needs to style.

Inside the case, the provision for the passage of cables is still guaranteed and there is enough space behind the bulkhead on which the mobo to manage a good and orderly wiring.

At the same time, this choice makes it possible to convey all the cables in a single bundle which is then passed through a hole on the back equipped with a rubber sheath.

Sharkoon REV100 RGB • Final considerations

This Sharkoon REV100 I was impressed in a positive way and I think it is a piece one of a kind or almost, excluding the superior models of the same line.

Although I was a bit skeptical about the placement of the motherboard rotated 90 °, I didn't mind trying such a particular configuration at all and I must say that it lends itself well to a simple and clean external cable management.

The view of the interior is very pleasant, I must say, especially for the strange way of seeing it Video Card in perspective vertical, which gives a different sense of filling.

It is certainly not a feature-rich case, indeed it probably consists of everything that is strictly necessary to be a valid choice in step with the times, thanks also to the predisposition of RGB lighting.

In the same way I liked the materials that, given the price at which the case is proposed, do it more than justice, classifying it among the houses that I would also recommend to those who have a very low budget.

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