Truxton Sega Mega Drive cheats and codes

    Truxton Sega Mega Drive cheats and codes

    Truxton it's a vertical scrolling shooter videogame developed in 1988 by the Toaplan in arcade version and later converted for Sega Mega Drive and PC Engine (for this platform it was only released in Japan).

    Like many other shooters Truxton Sega Mega Drive cheats and codesscrolling, the game is set in space, with the player controlling a small one spaceship. From planet to planet, you have to make your way through enemies and obstacles of all kinds. THE levels, long and complex, they are 5, and their final bosses are tough to beat.
    The story of Truxton is more or less the following: an army of Gidans, led by the evil Dogurava, is invading the planet Borogo. After surviving the attack, a pilot climbs aboard a fighter and challenges the Gidans in a desperate attempt to foil the alien threat.

    Press UP, DOWN (4 times), RIGHT (8 times) and LEFT (16 times) on the home screen. You will hear an explosion confirming the trick. Press START to go to the level selection.

    When the word PUSH START BUTTON flashes, in the initial screen, hold down A + B + C and press START. The difficulty selection message will appear. Release the A key, release B, press A, release C, press B, release A, press C, press A, release B, release A, press B, release C, press A and release B.

    You must have at least one bomb. When you get to a boss / enemy detonate the bomb and immediately pause the game, with the explosion skull still on the screen. Pause for at least 15 seconds and by the time you return to the game, the enemy will have been destroyed.

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