You can search for a word directly from a web page on Chrome (and not only)

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For those who always want to be more efficient when browsing the Internet, did you know that you can perform a Google (or other) search on a specific word on a web page without even opening the search engine?

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Search for a word without leaving your Chrome page

To search on the search engine of your choice for a word or phrase seen in a web page from an Internet browser (here Chrome, but it also works with Firefox, Edge, Vivaldi and others), there are mainly 3 solutions : open the search engine in a new tab and type your search, type your search in the address bar or the search box of the interface, or:

  • Directly select the word or words concerned in the page while remaining pressed on the left click, then right click on it to bring up the contextual menu and choose “Google search for “your selection””;
  • Note that this works with most browsers, which may slightly modify this nomenclature, and that “Google” will be replaced by the search engine that you have selected by default in the settings (Bing, DuckDuckGo, Wikipedia…etc.)


  • Chrome pour Windows
  • Chromium for macOS
  • Chrome for Linux
  • Chrome for Android
  • Chromium for iOS

Source : PCMag

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