12 series similar to Gambit de Dama

Lady's Gambit by Netflix is undoubtedly one of the most watched, acclaimed and commented series of 2020. And not only that: it has also been a phenomenon, a revelation. This series has managed to stay in the top three most watched series on Netflix for many months.

If you're fascinated by the history of Lady's Gambit and are one of those who finished it in less than a minute, stick around ForAppsLovers and you'll see a list of 12 Lady's Gambit-like series to whet your appetite for more.

12 series similar to Lady's Gambit

From ForAppsLovers we present you a list created by our series experts with 12 series similar to Lady's Gambit.


In the first place we met Godless. Godless is a feminist western about a community of women who must protect themselves from an outlaw.

The House of Miniatures

In the second place we find La Casa de las Miniaturas . Amsterdam, 17th century. The young Nella, fatherless and coveted by the debts, agrees to marry Johannes Brandt , a reputed trader, and move into this family's mansion. The husband is filling in for her lack of affection with a mysterious gift: a miniature house that will gradually reveal hidden family secrets, and that will teach Nella, nothing is what it seems at the Brandt residence .

The Honourable Woman

In third place of the 12 series similar to Lady's Gambit is The Honourable Woman . Maggie Gyllenhaal gives life to Nessa Stein, a Jewish entrepreneur with business in the West Bank involved in a mysteryplot.


The fourth series similar to Lady's Gambit is Unorthodox . It is based on the memoirs of Deborah Feldman, a young girl who runs away from the strict Jewish community of New York where he has been raised to trying to start a new life.

Believe me

In fifth place we present you with Creedme . It tells the story of an investigation by two police officers to hunt down serial rapist who has destroyed several women's lives.

The wonderful Mrs. Maisel

At the equator of the 12 series similar to Gambit de Dama we find The WonderfulLady Maisel, oneof the most acclaimed and awarded fictions of Amazon Prime Video. It tells the story of a housewife who decides to try her luck in the world of live comedy.

Little Fires Everywhere

In seventh place for a series similar to Lady's Gambit is Little Fires Everywhere .Reese Witherspoon and Kerry Washington play here two very differentmothers capable of anything for their children, for defending their way of life and the idea of motherhood that they believe is fair.

AKA Grace

In the eighth place we found A.K.A. Grace . She reviews the life of a maid accused of murder in the 19th century, and in the middle of Me Too she reflected on the need to listen to and believe women.

Mrs. America

In ninth place in a series similar to Lady's Gambit is Mrs. America . Mrs.America consists of a mosaic of characters related to the fight of the second wave of feminism, through characters like Gloria Steinem or Betty Friedan. Cate Blanchett is Phyllis Schlafly, a leader conservative politics that tried to thwart this cause.

Gentleman Jack

In the second to last place we have Gentleman Jack .Gentleman Jack revolves around the disruptive figure of Anne Lister, a writer and traveler who returned to her native Halifax in 1832 to reclaim her land. And her fate.

The Crown

In the penultimate place of the 12 series similar to Lady Gambit is The Crown . The Crown is currently in its fourth season on Netflix and, although it is Hardly you haven't heard of this series so far, first of all that you need to know to understand it is that it's about the life and work of Queen Elizabeth II of the United Kingdom.

The Coldest Game

In the last place we present you a movie, this is The Coldest Game . The Coldest Game shows us that this is not the case. It is an excellent film in which an American mathematician ends up playing a game of chessagainst the Soviets.

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