8 series similar to The Balcklist

The Blacklist is an American drama series created by Jon Bokenkamp and starring James Spader, Megan Boone, Diego Klattenhoff and Ryan Eggold. When Raymond Reddington, an eccentric millionaire repo man and one of the most wanted criminals surrenders at FBI headquarters, he claims to have the same interests as them: to get rid of the most dangerous criminals and terrorists .

If you've had your fill of the seven seasons of The Blacklist, here at ForAppsLovers we present you with a list, designed by our experts, of eight series similar to The Bl acklist. This way you will have 8 series where dangerous terrorists are pursued.

8 series similar to The Blacklist

From ForAppsLovers we present you a list, designed by our experts, with 8 series similar to The Blacklist.


The first series we present to you is Millennium . Frank Black (Henriksen)is a former FBI forensic analyst with paranormal abilities that make your job easier, but also force him to know the darkest and most sordid side of the human mind .


The second of the 8 series similar to The Blacklist is Perception . Dr. Daniel Pierce is an eccentric neuroscientist who uses his vision unique in reality to help the federal government resolve complex criminal cases.

White Collar Thief

The third series similar to The Blacklist is White Collar Thief . Neil Caffrey is a white-collar thief who breaks out of a prison of maximum security to go after his girlfriend who's left him forever. To hunt down Caffrey, the FBI calls Peter Burke, the agent who persecuted for years and that he was the only one who managed to put him away. The agent will find Caffrey who offers him a good deal, he' ll use his criminal experience to help you catch the most the world's slippery slopes in exchange for freedom.


In the fourth place we found Quantico . The fiction focuses on a group of young FBI recruits, all them with an important reason to join, they fight, in their own way, to through the Quantico base in Virginia .


Just past the halfway point on this list, we present Deception. Cameron Black is the world's most famous illusionist, until his greatest secret comes out and his career goes down the drain. The worst thing is that, by it seems, it was not an accident.

Criminal minds

In sixth place of the eight Blacklist-like series is Criminal Minds . It shows the work of members of the Conduct of the FBI, a group of investigators from various branches of criminology , which is dedicated to psychological analysis and to criminals to facilitate their capture.

The enemy Within

At the penultimate place in this list of series similar to The Blacklist is The enemy Within . An espionage thriller that focuses on Erica Shepherd, a former an exceptional CIA agent who becomes one of the most notorious traitors to the United States, serving time in the prison of Supermax.


In the last place, we present Shetland . A dramatic police mini-series in which a detective returns to his hometown after an absence of several years. Now, years later, he has returned home ready to defend his compatriots and neighbours from any evil that threatens the peaceful life of the islands. So when a young archaeologist finds some human bones that evidence violent deaths and a woman is killed of a gunshot, Jimmy and his team decide to find those responsible as it happens.

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