Animal Crossing: New Horizons - Get Golden Instruments

Animal Crossing: New Horizons - Get Golden Instruments

If you too are spending time playing Animal Crossing : New Horizons you've surely thought about what are the most valuable and powerful tools around. In the last chapter of Animal Crossing the tools arrive in the player's hands in different qualities that symbolize their durability.

We know that having to deal with tools that break every day is not the best possible situation but we believe that the possibility that the game gives the player to crack golden tools is a great way to help him move forward.

Gold tools can still be broken eh, let's face it, but they are the most durable tools in the entire game and can be built at any time by the player. Each of these tools has requirements to meet in order to be created, and this guide will help you discover the nature of these requirements.

Let us see together all the secrets behind the creation of a golden instrument.

How to get a golden instrument.

Animal Crossing: New Horizons - Get Golden Instruments

Each golden instrument has a unique requirement to be crafted. These unique requirements will take weeks and weeks of play to meet, which is why we don't recommend you hope to meet them during the first week of Animal Crossing : New Horizons.

Get ready to crack hundreds of objects and consult our other guides to understand what you need to do to get some of the golden tools.

Have a good time.

  • Golden Ax: Break a hundred axes.
  • Golden Fishing Rod: Complete the fish section within the game encyclopedia.
  • Golden net: complete the insects section inside the encyclopedia of the game.
  • Golden shovel: Save Gulliver thirty times
  • Golden Slingshot: Shoot a hundred balloons
  • Golden Watering: Get a five star rating for your island.

By fulfilling one requirement it will be possible for the player to get the recipe for the golden version of an instrument. In order to build a durable instrument at home you need the recipe and a gold nugget. Gold nuggets are resources that are obtained by accidentally destroying rocks and are the incredibly rare version of more common objects such as ferrous nuggets.

Completing these requirements could ask the player weeks if not months of play and even the golden nuggets are not very easy to get, which is why this is a very long time challenge, a real marathon to run.

Once you get the recipe remember that it may not be very important to build golden objects, as these are also subject to breakage and you should continue to crack those of just minor rarity to avoid wasting the golden nuggets.

The only tangible advice we can give you to get these items is related to the golden axe.

To break a hundred axes, using the axe of lesser quality, you will need four thousand strokes to plants of various types. Create a small grove in an area of the island and give two blows to each trunk, day by day. In this way, within several hours, you will be able to get the golden axe.

The other challenges are related either to chance or to arguments too complex to be discussed here, which is why we refer you to the other guides we have written for the occasion!

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