The best alternatives to Excel

Excel, as many already know, is known worldwide for being a spreadsheet software created by Microsoft.

The main function of this well-known program is thecreation of spreadsheets where users can enter different formulas. In addition, it has also become a databasebuilder.

What are the problems with Excel?

  • Forgetting the equal sign
  • Not including all arguments
  • Badly linking other sheets

From ForAppsLovers, we bring you new alternatives to Excel so you can continue working with spreadsheets.

The best alternatives to Excel

Here is a list with the best alternatives to Excel.

Google Drive (Spreadsheets)

First, we present an alternative that is sure to be known by many users. This Google spreadsheet is completely free.

It works exactly like Excel and all changes are automatically saved to the Google cloud.

Advantages of Google Drive

  • Free
  • Simple and easy to use design
  • Secure

Google Drive reviews [Rating 4.9/5].

  • "I use it all the time, it's great", Daniel.
  • "My favorite without a doubt", Maria.
  • "It works perfectly", Pau.

Zoho Sheet

Secondly, we present you Zoho Sheet. This application is considered an excellent alternative for small businesses. This platform is free for up to 25 users. In addition, all projects are automatically saved in the cloud.

It includes different very complete functions and thanks to this app we will be able to access all our files from any device without Internet connection.

Advantages of Zoho Sheet

  • Available in several languages
  • Multifunctional
  • No Internet connection required

Zoho Sheet reviews [Rating 4.7/5].

  • "Favorite app for my company", Lucía.
  • "Very useful", Irune.
  • "Safe and efficient", Ferran.


OnlyOffice is an open source application compatible with Office. It has a free version for usersand a paid version focused especially for companies.

This app stands out for its great data security and its large number of tools.

OnlyOffice performs constant backups so that all your documents are automatically saved .

Advantages of OnlyOffice

  • Different plans
  • Secure
  • Very useful

OnlyOffice reviews [Rating 4.8/5].

  • "My favorite without a doubt", Judith.
  • "I love it", Marta.
  • "Easy to use and very useful", Pep.

iWork Numbers

Application for iOS users. This platform stands out for its easy functionality and design, as it is very easy to use this app and its reviews are extremely excellent.

iWork is totally free for MacOS users.

Advantages of iWork Numbers

  • Works without Internet connection
  • Very complete
  • Excellent tools

Reviews of iWork Numbers [Rating 4.9/5].

  • "iOS never disappoints, perfect app", Jaume.
  • "Very fan of this app", Ignasi.
  • "A 10", Albert.

OpenOffice Calc

Last but not least, we present you Open Office Calc. This spreadsheet program has been around for a few years now but nevertheless there are still many users who use it.

Its aesthetics is a bit old and simple, but it works perfectly well. It includes the most used and most useful tools so you can create perfect spreadsheets.

Advantages of OpenOffice Calc

  • Works without Internet connection
  • Easy to use
  • Safe

OpenOffice Calc Reviews [Rating 4.6/5]

  • "I always use OpenOffice and it works great for me", Robert.
  • "Simple but perfect", Hector.
  • "Great", Simon.

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