The best Mailchimp alternatives

Do you know Mailchimp? For those who don't know, Mailchimp is known to be a provider of marketing services via email.

It is true that this platform has a great leadership in the world of providers. On the contrary, it has some bugs that harm its perfect functioning.

What are the problems with Mailchimp?

  • Login errors
  • Connection failures
  • Slowness

These errors are typical and annoying at the same time. That is why, if you are looking for alternatives to Mailchimp you are in the best place because, from ForAppsLovers we bring you a list of the best alternatives to Mailchimp that will not leave you indifferent.

The best Mailchimp alternatives

Here are the best alternatives to Mailchimp.


First, we'll introduce you to GetResponse. This platform stands out for its widerange of features because, among other things, it offers a page builder and webinar editor.

In addition, it stands out for its ease of use and for having 25 languages available .

GetResponse advantages

  • Powerful email marketing automations
  • Multimedia center
  • Access to free images

GetResponse reviews [Rating 4.7/5].

  • "It's great", Oriol.
  • "Great", Marina.
  • "I wouldn't put any fault in it", Berta.


MailerLite is an email marketing provider that stands out for its elegant and modern design. It is available in different languages and offers a completely free plan.

It offers a wide variety of tools that will not leave you indifferent as they are very complete.

Advantages of MailerLite

  • Affordable payment plans
  • 10 languages available
  • Ideal for small businesses

MailerLite reviews [Rating 4.5/5].

  • "Perfect for my company", Irene.
  • "Very good", Carlos.
  • "Simple and great", Adrià.


Mailify is a modern email marketing solution with multiple templates and designs for all tastes. In addition, it has thousands of advanced options such as website builders.

It stands out for its great personal data protection and security.

Advantages of Mailify

  • Secure
  • Available in multiple languages
  • Multiple features

Mailify reviews [Rating 4.4/5].

  • "Very secure and effective," Judith.
  • "Ideal", Karen.
  • "Works well, Hector.


Fourthly, SendPulse. This platform has multiple users and has had great success. That's why it currently has a good positioning.

It stands out for its simplicity and its perfect economic and cheap plans.

Advantages of SendPulse

  • Affordable price
  • Thousands of users
  • Insurance

SendPluse reviews [Rating 4.8/5].

  • "For me, it's the best platform", Pau.
  • "It works well", Irune.
  • "It works great for me", Biel.

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