10 Best Two-Factor Authentication Apps on Android

Cybersecurity is one of the biggest challenges in the digital world. According to one estimate, 6,85 million accounts are hacked every day, which translates to about 158 ​​accounts per second. One of the main reasons accounts get hacked is weak password at user ends. So if you don't want your account compromised, choose a good strong password and save it in a password manager secured . In addition to this, enable two-factor authentication, which will add an extra layer of security to your account, so even if someone has access to your password, the hacker will not be able to access your account due to 2FA. Here are the best two-factor authentication apps for Android, which you can use to secure your account.

  • Google Authenticator
  • Microsoft Authenticator
  • 2FA Authenticator
  • Aegis Authenticator
  • Blizzard Authenticator
  • andOTP
  • Twilio
  • FreeOTP Authenticator
  • TOTP Authenticator
  • ESET Secure Authentication

Google Authenticator

Google Authenticator is arguably one of the best two-factor authentication apps for Android. The best thing about Google Authenticator is that it is made by Google, and you can be sure that your data will stay safe with this app.

By using Google Authenticator, you can tie your various platforms such as Instagram and Twitter with the app. Every time you log into connected accounts, you will need to get the unique code from Google Authenticator to verify your identity.

Microsoft Authenticator

Microsoft Authenticator is another very reliable two-factor authentication app for Android. Just like Google Authenticator, Microsoft Authenticator also requires you to connect your accounts to Authenticator.

Once the accounts are connected, you will need a one-time password (OTP) from Microsoft Authenticator to access the account. Microsoft Authenticator is compatible with all major platforms such as LinkedIn, Amazon, Dropbox, Google, Facebook, etc.

2FA Authenticator

2FA Authenticator is one of the best dual factory authentication apps for Android. The app includes a very clean user interface which makes the app easier to use.

If we look at the functionality, it is very similar to other apps on this list. You can connect your accounts with 2FA Authenticator, and the app will generate a time-based one-time password (TOTP) each time you or someone tries to log into the connected account.

Aegis Authenticator

Aegis Authenticator is one of the best two-factor authentication apps on Android. The main thing about the Aegis Authenticator is that it is an open source application, which means it is completely free.

In terms of security, the app uses state-of-the-art AES-256 encryption standards to encrypt all your stored data. So even someone gets their hands on the data, they won't be able to misuse it due to the encryption. Additionally, the app creates one-time passwords (OTPs) using industry-standard algorithms to ensure that only you have access to your account.

Blizzard Authenticator

The gaming industry is booming, and this is the very reason why hackers try to hack gaming accounts with valuable premium games. World of Warcraft is a very popular PC game from Blizzard, and it's prone to hackers due to its valuable characters.

So if you are a Blizzard user and play Blizzard games such as World of Warcraft or Hearthstone, you can use the Blizzard Authenticator to protect your games. By using the Authenticator, only you will be able to access your account.


andOTP is another open-source app you can use to add the extra layers of 2FA to your accounts. The best thing about this app is that it is very lightweight and only requires essential permissions to work.

By using andOTP, you can add two-factor authentication to your online accounts. Each time you log into Connected Accounts, you will need to authenticate your identity using the OTP generated by andOTP.


Twilio is one of the best two-factor authentication apps on Android. The app comes with state-of-the-art security features to ensure your data is safe. It uses the same algorithm to protect your data, which is used by banks and government agencies such as the NSA.

In addition to that, you also get the cloud backup option. So even if you lose your smartphone, your data will remain safe and you will have access to your accounts. Twilio is also completely free.

FreeOTP Authenticator

FreeOTP Authenticator is one of the best two-factor authentication apps on Android. Just like other authenticator apps on this list, FreeOTP Authenticator also generates a one-time password, which you can use to access connected accounts.

FreeOTP Authenticator also supports multiple platforms like Google, Facebook, Github, Instagram, Evernote, etc. Moreover, FreeOTP is completely free.

TOTP Authenticator

TOTP Authenticator is another very popular two-factor authentication app that you can use to protect your accounts. The app comes with lots of useful features such as Cloud Sync, Dark Theme, organization feature, multi-device usage, etc.

You can connect all your online platforms with the app and then you can access them using the TOTP generated by the app. TOTP Authenticator is free, but it comes with in-app purchases.

ESET Secure Authentication

ESET Secure Authentication is one of the best two-factor authentication apps, primarily designed for business use. This application does not work on its own and only works if you have the ESET server-side installation on your company's server.

The app includes integration for VPNs, remote desktop protocols, Microsoft web pages, and more. If you are a business owner and have ESET security on your servers, you can use this application to add the extra layer.


That's it, guys. Here are the 10 best two-factor authentication apps on Android. Most of these apps are free, but some of them offer in-app purchases. Also, don't forget to check out our best password managers to find the best password manager for your smartphone.

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