7 series similar to The 100

The 100 is one of the Netflix series that the more successful they have been in recent times. This is a production that is part of the science fiction genre and is based on the book by Kass Morgan, which is called "The 100" and was published in 2013.

The story that this series tells us is 97 years old, when the world has been devastated by nuclear war. The survivors have been able to stay alive thanks to the creation space stations that are orbiting the Earth, but now it's the time to see if the blue planet can be made alive again.

7 series similar to The 100

At ForAppsLovers we present you with a list of 7 series similar to the 100 . This way if you like post-apocalyptic series you will be able to enjoy 7 more.

Under the Dome

The first one we present to you is Under the Dome . A series inspired by Stephen King and directed by Brian K. Vaughan is Under the Dome. The fiction is an adaptation of the novel by the master of terror and we tells the story of a city dweller in the United States that are enclosed by a giant dome.

Orphan Black

The second series we present to you is Orphan Black . A Canadian production starring Tatiana Malany , who plays Sarah Manning. The plot revolves around Sarah's change of identity , as she becomes Elizabeth Childs, a girl who has committed suicide.

The OA

The next similar series we present to you is The OA . The OA is another series similar to The 100 Plus interesting things that exist today. It is a fiction of states United that mixes suspense and science fiction. The story is focuses on the story of Prairie, a blind woman who returns after being missing for 7 long years.


The third series of the 7 series similar to The 100 is Quantum . In Quantum we meet Alex Parrish, a man who has been arrested for being the only suspect in a terrorist attack that has taken place in the United States. During the series, we will attend flashbacks that will tell their story and that of their fellow recruits.


The fifth similar series we present to you is 3% . Now let's discover a Brazilian series that presents us with a dystopian world located in Brazil. Here we find a population that, in its vast majority, lives in extreme poverty. However, those inhabitants who can access an island in the ocean, named Maralto, live in a universe full of luxury and riches.

Shadow Hunters

The sixth and penultimate alternative we present to you is Shadow Hunters . Another series similar to The 100 is Shadow hunters, in English. This is an adaptation of the books "The mortal instruments" and that tells us the story of Clary Fray, a young girl who, when she comes of age, finds out she's not a girl but comes from a family that is a mixture of humans and angels.


The last and seventh similar series we present to you is Lost . The day of "Lost" that began in September 2004, with the fall of flight 815 on a mysterious island, came to an end in 2010 surprising millions of viewers around the world.

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