Wondering about Lifepoints: what is it, how to earn money? Stay at Android Basement and we will answer everything. Lately we have come to the point of not believing in online money making sites, because of people creating fake sites to profit from it. This has become a real problem in all parts of the world, and even, there have been waves of comments directed at these people, highlighting that even they themselves are self-scammed by the fact that their pages at the time of being registered by the Marketing association (just to see if it is feasible or not), end up blocking the pages previously created.

If you are interested in knowing more about this site and how to earn as much money with it as possible, it is best that you continue in the article and learn the tricks and tactics that will lead you to it.

LifePoints: what is it?

Lifepoints Panel is a recently created panel of paid surveys and market research. It belongs to the company Lightspeed, which has more than 5 million users and is present in more than 70 countries. It was born as a result of the unification of GlobalTestMarket and MySurvey, two of the best survey panels available today.

But, Lifepoints: what is it, how to earn money? is still the question of many. Life Points is an online platform where users can earn points for giving their opinion. These points are then exchanged for gift cards or money through Paypal. There is no subscription fee to join Lifepoints Panel. It is and always will be free.

Remember that the platform is born from the merger of two of the most powerful online polling companies, so Lifepoints is completely safe and reliable. In 2020 they have renewed their design, improved the platform problems and added more ways to earn money with surveys.

How does LifePoints work?

LifePoints works like any other survey site where you must register with your information, fill out your profile and respond to the surveys you receive in your email. When you register in LifePoints, you will have to wait 24 hours or even less to start receiving your surveys.

The surveys will arrive automatically to the email address you used to register or log in, so you must be attentive, as they tend to expire when they are limited. For each survey you fill out, you will receive a number of points that are indicated at the time you are completing it.

Earn money with LifePoints

In LifePoints, every day you will receive surveys and although it will not always be the same amount and sometimes you may receive 2 instead of 4, for example, the flow of them will never stop.

On the other hand, your personal characteristics will also determine the amount of surveys you receive.

All surveys are customized for a certain specific group and people with certain habits or hobbies, as well as other aspects such as age, gender, whether they live alone or with their family .

Therefore, in summary, in order to earn money you will have to complete the different surveys, for which you will be given a series of points that will be converted into money in the future.

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