Red Dead Online: How To Quickly Improve The New Naturalist Role | Easy XP Method

    Red Dead Online: How To Quickly Improve The New Naturalist Role | Easy XP Method

    But like any of these jobs, it takes a while to level up. Leveling up in a job unlocks additional rewards, and at level 7 you'll get new Poachers events and encounters. Some players may want to enjoy the quiet life of a naturalist, while others will want to rush to level 20 without trying too hard. If you are the latter, then this extremely simple method will make your life very easy. It's about harvesting sheep.

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    To earn tons of EXP, you must first unlock the role of Naturalist. As with the other roles, you will have to pay 25 gold bars. Before starting this method, you will also need a fusil Varmint et Sedative ammunition. Sedative ammunition is important for knocking out animals without killing them. You will be able to earn extra money with this method, but it's really better for earning Naturalist XP.

    The trick is to travel to Emerald Ranch. With sedative ammunition, knockout all animals at Emerald Ranch - you will find several cows, sheep, oxen and goats. Make sure you climb into the enclosures without using the gates or they can escape.

    Shoot all animals in the pens. Use the Varmint rifle and sedative ammo, then collect all the samples you can. There will always be at least 10 sheep in the area - and these single sheep can earn you 600 ~ XP per race.

    After cleaning up Emerald Ranch, quickly go Ranch McFarlane and sell whatever you find. You can easily make quick trips back and forth between McFarlane Ranch and Emerald Ranch. The animals will recover by the time you return, so you can just take another sample to repeat endlessly.

    If you are looking for some extra cows to calm down in the area, there is a small ranch northeast of the Heartlands Oilfield. Just look for a small group of buildings on your map. There are a lot of cows here, but there is no barrier so they can easily escape if you don't block their exit.

    It's a quick and easily replicable method of leveling max in the role of a naturalist - or you can just jump to level 7 quickly and earn the rest naturally by completing events with your friends!

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