The New Update of Dota 2

Valve announced a major DOTA 2 update for December 12, 2016, which includes a large number of changes and new content. Among other things, it has a new hero available The Monkey King, improved graphics models, a renovated HUD and improved environments, according to Valve, the 7.00 update opens a new chapter for the popular game on December 12, 2016. "The New Journey" begins with the emergence of a new hero, among other things. Sun Wukong is a legendary figure from China, also known as Monkey King or King of the Apes.
The New Update of Dota 2

These are the Sun Wukong skills:

  • The tree dance uses it in a tree to jump on it. The primary secondary-capacity spring is a channeled charm where you jump from the tree and cause damage and slow in a 375 of the growing area.
  • Jingu Mastery is a passive ability that gives you four counts after four hits on the same hero who give your bonus attacks robbery and damage.
  • Mischief transforms you into an object, like a branch of iron, or Runespots and trees, while standing beside them. Despite the disguise, you can move slowly.
  • The command of Wukong is Mono Kings Ultimate and spawns 14 soldiers in a circle to inflict the same damage as the Wukong itself. In addition, there are 90 additional damage for you and the soldiers.
The update also includes revised hero models for, Viper and Enigma, and a new user interface to give the player more visibility in the game world. The environments in the game are also improved by the upgrade, so that after the installation there will be more beautiful boxes, dynamic turf and even rocking trees in the wind.

New gameplay

DotA 2 players also have to deal with new talent trees for heroes and changes to cards to succeed in battles. New talents can strengthen heroes ' abilities and are available at levels 10, 15, 20 and 25. In each level, there is a selection of different options that cannot be selected later, so the new gamplay is more complet. Other changes include a new backpack slot. The backpack slot allows you to carry up to three additional items. Although the items in the backpack may not be activated and do not give any bonuses, they can be exchanged or used for recipes by other items currently used. You can find more information about the valve's 7.00 update for DOTA 2 on the official website. So if you want to play DotA 2 for free, don't hesitate to follow the link.

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