10 Best Alternatives to Google Photos for Android

Google Photos is an iconic service that allowed us to store unlimited photos in the cloud for years without any charge, but it's ending in 2021. After June 2021, all photos you upload to Google Photos will use the storage space from the 15 GB you get from Google Photos. That means you can't store all of your photos on Google Photos, but luckily there are some great options out there that let you store tons of photos. Here are the best alternatives to Google Photos for Android.

  • Flickr
  • dropbox
  • Amazon Photos
  • slidebox
  • cluster
  • G Cloud Backup
  • pCloud
  • Keepsafe Photos
  • MEGA
  • Microsoft OneDrive


Flickr is one of the best alternatives to Google Photos. It might not be the best app for storing your personal photos, but if you want to share your professional work with the rest of the world, you can definitely use Flickr.

The app has millions of users around the world, and you can easily upload and share your photos with the community. It also allows you to edit your photos, add filters, crop images and other customizations to photos. You can use Flickr for free, but it comes with ads and in-app purchases.


Dropbox is arguably one of the best alternatives to Google Photos for Android. It is a cloud storage app where you can easily store tons of your photos, videos and other stuff.

The platform offers 2GB of storage for free and you can get additional data using in-app purchases. It supports a data limit of up to 3TB, which means it is capable enough to meet all your storage needs. Dropbox also works well on all platforms and you can easily sync storage across your PC and Mac.

Amazon Photos

Amazon Photos is another very effective alternative to Google Photos. The best thing about Amazon Photos is that it lets you store unlimited photos and up to 5GB of videos in the cloud.

On top of that, Amazon keeps all your photos and videos in the same resolution and format, which is another plus. It also lets you share the photos with other people and you can create private Amazon Photos groups where all members can add the photos. Amazon Photos is free to use, but it comes with in-app purchases.


It is an established fact that online cloud services are getting expensive day by day and you cannot store all your photos in the cloud without paying extra money. However, you can save your money by effectively managing your photos and getting rid of unwanted photos.

Slidebox is a very popular photo organizer that lets you organize and manage your photos efficiently. You can put the photos in an album and organize them. Once they're organized, you can browse through them and delete unnecessary photos.


Cluster is a very popular cloud photo storage application which mainly focuses on photo sharing. In this application you can create private spaces where you can share your photos.

It also lets you add other people to private spaces, and they can also share photos in spaces. The best thing about Cluster is the privacy and you have full control over what others can see. In addition, only invited people can see the photos in the private spaces.

G Cloud Backup

G Cloud Backup is one of the best Google Photos alternatives for Android. It is a very promising service that you can use to back up your photos, videos, music and other content to the cloud.

In the app, you get 1 GB of free storage and you can earn up to 10 GB of data per day by participating in activities. The app also lets you protect the storage using a password so that only you can access the backup. You can use G Cloud Backup for free, but it comes with in-app purchases.


pCloud is another very good alternative to Google Photos. In this app, you get 10GB of free storage when you sign up and you can expand it up to 2TB with in-app purchases.

You can use pCloud to store your photos, videos, and other stuff. It also lets you back up your photos and you can enable auto backup to save time. The app also makes sure your photos and other data are safe and uses military-grade client-side encryption to protect your data. Using pCloud is free, but it comes with optional in-app purchases.

Keepsafe Photos

Keepsafe Photos is a very popular vault app which also comes with cloud storage. In this app, you can easily protect your photos and videos in a secure password protected vault.

The app also lets you protect your private photos in a secure cloud where only you can access them. Also, it allows you to send the photos in private mode where the photo disappears once the recipient sees it. You can use Keepsafe Photos for free, but it comes with ads and in-app purchases.


MEGA is one of the best alternatives to Google Photos. The app offers 50GB of storage when you sign up, and that's more than enough to store tons of your photos, videos, and other stuff.

It also lets you get the extra 10GB storage by inviting your friends to the platform. You also have the option to expand your storage using in-app purchases and you can expand storage up to 16TB on an annual or monthly subscription.

Microsoft OneDrive

Microsoft OneDrive is another very popular alternative to Google Photos. The app comes with 5GB of free storage, and if you have a Microsoft 365 subscription, you'll get 1TB of storage.

In the app you can easily store your photos, videos and documents. You can also share them with others and secure them with passwords. Also, you can enable auto-backup, which will allow the app to automatically upload the photos to the cloud.


You can use our recommended alternatives to Google Photos to secure your photos in a safe environment. Many of them are free, but some offer additional storage as an option, and you can get it using in-app purchases. If you have any questions, please let us know in the comments. Also, if you want to secure your photos on your smartphone, check out this guide where we have shared the best apps to hide your photos on Android.

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