10 Best Apps Like Instagram

Instagram is arguably one of the most popular social media apps available, with over a billion active users. It's mostly pictures, and if you don't like it for some reason and want an alternative, this guide is for you. Here are the best apps like Instagram on Android.

  • Pinterest
  • Tusky for Mastodon
  • PicsArt
  • Snapchat
  • Flickr
  • Twitter
  • Facebook
  • Reddit
  • Imgur
  • Dribble


Pinterest is one of the best apps like Instagram on Android. In this app you will find millions of pins created by Pinterest creators around the world.

Whether you are looking for a simple sofa design or an interesting idea for your home, you will find everything on this app. You can also save different ideas on boards and follow your favorite designers. Its use is also totally free.

Tusky for Mastodon

Tusky for Mastodon is another app like Instagram that offers great features. You will find the dedicated servers for various subjects such as photography, videography, games and many more on Mastodon.

It's a very dedicated community, and you'll find tons of great people here. So if a topic interests you and you want to socialize with people who also love that topic, then Tusky for Mastodon is a solid option for you.


PicsArt is one of the best apps like Instagram on Android. It is basically a photo editing app, but it also comes with a huge community where members share their photos and socialize.

The app also includes a very comprehensive editor, which you can use to add unique effects and flair to your photos. It also has an excellent built-in video editor that you can use for basic video editing. Overall, PicsArt is a very comprehensive app, and it's very similar to Instagram in many ways.


Snapchat is one of the best apps like Instagram for Android. The striking similarity between Snapchat and Instagram is the story feature available in both apps.

You can add the stories to both apps, then the stories will disappear after 24 hours. However, the best thing about Snapchat is its filters, which will give you a unique look. So, if you want Instagram stories with great filters, Snapchat is a solid option for you.


Flickr is another very popular photography app that shares a great resemblance to Instagram. This app is primarily dedicated to photography and hosts some of the most popular photographers around the world.

Like Instagram, you can also share your photos on Flickr, and it also allows basic editing, such as adding filters, cropping images, editing photos and many more. Flickr is free, but there are ads and in-app purchases.


Twitter is one of the best apps like Instagram on Android. The reason why you should choose Twitter is that it also contains a huge community. You can easily follow the people you like and have fun.

It also lets you share videos, photos, and tweets with a huge community. Twitter is also home to a large number of celebrities from around the world. You can also find out what people are talking about on Twitter using the trending section. Twitter is free, but there are ads.


Facebook is another application like Instagram on Android. Just like Instagram, Facebook also offers stories that you can share with your friends.

The best thing about Facebook is its communities, called groups, which you can join. It has tons of communities for photography, videography, drone photography, filmography, and other topics. You can also create your page on Facebook and share your work with the community. Facebook is also completely free, but there are ads.


Reddit is another very popular social media app that shares many similarities with Instagram. Reddit's main asset is its communities, which you can join and share your thoughts.

Just like Instagram, you can easily share your photos in the community and have fun. It lacks the story feature, but it shares many other features that make Reddit qualified enough to make this list.


Imgur is one of the best apps like Instagram for Android. The best thing about Imgur is that it is also dedicated to photos like Instagram, but it also focuses on funny videos, GIFs, and memes.

You can join the community to access thousands of viral memes, videos, photos, and GIFs. The application allows you to share the content with your friends. You can also share your videos, photos, GIFs and memes with the community. Imgur is free, but it comes with ads.


Dribble is one of the best apps like Instagram on Android. Like Instagram, Dribble is also dedicated to photos, but this community mainly focuses on photos of Designers.

On Dribble, you'll find exotic work from top designers around the world. You can simply follow your favorite designers and get inspired. If you're a designer, you can also upload your work to Dribble and share it with your friends. Dribble is also a great platform to create your portfolio, which you can share with your clients and earn money. Overall, Dribble is a solid app, and it's also free to use.


Surely Instagram is a very good social media app, and you won't find an app with the same features. However, we have shared the apps which share the features similar to Instagram. If you have any questions, please let us know in the comments section below. Also, be sure to check out our guide to the best social media apps for Android.

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