15 Best Free Apps For Android 2022

Android's greatest strength is its apps. There are a ton of Android apps. People have downloaded them billions of times. Some of them cost money and some of them don't. Usually, the best apps will cost you a few dollars. However, there are plenty of amazing options that cost you nothing. These services are usually supported by advertising. Here's your chance to stock up on some really excellent supplies. Here are the best free apps for Android in 2022.


AppLock is one of the best free apps for Android that comes with lots of options. You can pay for it, get premium features and no ads. Or you can show ads, get the premium features, and pay nothing. Finally, you can use it without ads, but without premium features. The choice is yours. The app itself is a simple yet powerful app that lets you lock your apps with passwords so your eyes can't see them. It's great if you have curious roommates, kids, or just want a little spirit. You can use the app for free with or without ads (your choice). The ad-free version lacks a few features, but the ads unlock them as if you paid for them.

Blue mail

Blue Mail is one of the best free Android apps for email. Its simple design allows you to keep your emails in line. Also, it supports a host of messaging providers, app theme, Android Wear support, and widgets. There are also various smart features like blocking notifications at certain times (per account) to customize your experience. In reality, there aren't many more customizable messaging apps than this one. It does a lot of things right and very few things wrong. It's about as good as it gets without a price tag.


Gboard is the official keyboard app from Google. It's a simple keyboard that doesn't have too many frills. There are gestures (swipe), light themes, voice types, emoji searches, GIF support, and more. Its most unique feature is the built-in Google search that lets you search the web without leaving the keyboard or the app you're in. It can also be synced across devices so your saved words go with you. It's effective, simple and 100% free. You'll want to try this one if your phone's keyboard suits you. It is one of the best free apps for Android. SwiftKey is also awesome and is completely free these days!

Google Drive

The Google Drive suite is a group of applications directly integrated into Google Drive. Apps include Google Docs, Google Slides, Google Sheets, Google Photos, and Google Keep, as well as the Google Drive app itself. These apps primarily focus on office use for documents, spreadsheets, and slideshows, but also for taking notes, backing up your photos, and storing any file you can think of. The best part is that they're all free unless you need more than 15GB of Google Drive storage. Most people don't. These are all great free Android apps.

Google Opinion Rewards

Google Opinion Rewards is easily one of the best free Android apps on the Google Play Store. To use this app, you just need to download and install it, then open it once. After that, the app will periodically notify you to ask you some questions. You will be credited for use in the Google Play Store each time you complete a survey. This credit can be used to purchase apps or games in Google Play. It's a great way to expand your collection without spending real money. At worst, everyone should have this app installed.

Google Maps and Waze

Waze and Google Maps are two navigation apps. Google Maps gives you turn-by-turn directions, lets you view businesses (and their reviews), and more. Waze is another navigation app. It allows you to check traffic along your route. Google Maps is certainly the more powerful of the two. Waze is a bit more fun to use, though. This makes it a good option if you're looking for something simple. Both apps get loads of new updates and features all the time. Google Maps is one of the best free Android apps.


Quik is a video editor from GoPro. It is one of the few valuable video editing apps and this one is completely free. The way it works is that the app will take the video you captured and then string it together in a kind of video collage. You'll have full control over how long these clips last, where to make the cuts, and some extra effects and elements you can add to add some flair. It doesn't compare to desktop apps like Final Cut Pro or Adobe Premiere Pro, but it works surprisingly well for most simple and mobile uses.


TickTick is one of the best performing apps on Android. It works a lot like Wunderlist, actually. You can create lists, share tasks with others, organize your tasks in different ways, get reminders, set recurring tasks, and more. It's also very modular. It helps with organization. There is a pro version, but it adds things like calendar support and other additional features. The free version of this software is way above what most apps on the app list offer. It is also clean, easy to use. It's technically not a free app. However, the free version performs better than most free to-do list apps. Don't worry, you won't need the premium version except in extreme cases.


Zedge is the most trusted app for personalizing your phone with wallpapers, ringtones, notification tones, and alarms. There's a huge selection of all of these things available in a variety of genres, including fantasy, mainstream, funny, and just about anything you can imagine. Zedge users add most of the content themselves. Thanks to this, there is a bit of variety. There is also a premium option for wallpapers and those are pretty decent. HD Wallpapers are slightly better options for wallpapers, but higher quality content helps Zedge a lot. You can get premium content by paying or completing various Zedge Credit surveys.

Nova Launcher

Nova Launcher is one of the best android launcher installed on play store for many years. The launcher is smooth, fast, lightweight and comes with tons of customizations. Moreover, many icon packs are available in the Google Play Store to change its appearance. Nova Launcher supports app drawer customization, has a drop-down dock, notification badges, folder and icon customization, and offers a dozen gestures for easy navigation. The launcher app is free to download but its main version unlocks many other features including locked gestures.

Google Duo

Google Duo is one of the best video calling apps for Android with a simple interface. It's fairly easy to log in and verify your number, and you can make quick video calls, just like you would a standard phone call. Its unique “Knock Knock” feature allows you to have a live preview of the caller before receiving the call. One can also leave video messages for the other person if they are not available at the moment. Google Duo is one of the best free apps on Android and iOS.


Evernote is a cross-platform utility designed for 2019 for taking notes in various formats, including text, photos, audio, video, sketches, and more. It's a tool you need to stay organized in today's busy life. It syncs across all your devices for easy workflow. Evernote also offers home widgets for quick access to your notes. It is one of the essential Android apps for all users. Although Google Keep is also a good Android app, Evernote's aesthetically pleasing interface and large number of functions make it a very unique productivity app.

ES File Explorer

ES File Explorer is one of the most popular Android file manager apps with all the necessary features. It comes with a space analyzer to help you free up space on your device. Sharing media content with other ES File Explorer users over WiFi is simple. ES File Explorer also comes with an app manager where you can uninstall/backup apps. You can even uninstall system apps with root privileges. Its “Root Explorer” feature opens up many features for rooted devices.

Google News

The Google News app is known to deliver relevant information in the News Feed using artificial intelligence techniques. The Google News app for Android offers a “for you” tab that displays personalized news and tapping “full coverage” to showcase the same story reported by different editors, highlighting all perspectives. In the Newsstand section, you can subscribe to different news sources and magazines. The best thing about the Google News app is that it has a massive database of news sources, which means that even lesser-known media publishers can be found in the app.


WhatsApp is a free instant messaging application that allows users to communicate with each other through the phone's internet service. It is one of the best free apps for Android. It lets you send text and voice messages, share links, images and locations, make video calls, and more. to any other user in the world. It is part of secure Android messaging apps and can also be accessed from a desktop environment.


These are the best free Android apps for 2022. If we missed any of the best free Android apps, let us know in the comments. You can also check out the best free Android games on our website.

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