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If we talk about detective fiction, perhaps the first thing that comes to mind is Sherlock Holmes. But since Arthur Conan Doyle created this charismatic character until today, there are many plots that have emerged with a detective as the main character. This genre, first swept through literature, later took a leap to the cinema, and today, more and more series revolve around a detective.

If you like the tension that is generated when an inspector approaches the crime scene, if your heart races when a detective is about to hunt the criminal, if the suspense of a good detective series keeps you glued to the screen for hours or even days, you can not miss this top 8 best detective series today.

8 detective series you can not miss

It's clear that not all detective series are the same . Some are dominated by the personal life of the protagonist and his sentimental conflicts, and in others the whole plot is focused on a mysterious murder. Whether these series have more action, more suspense or more emotional conflicts is a matter of taste. What is clear is that they all share some delicious ingredients.

If you want inspiration, pay attention because here we give you 8 ideas of current detective series.


This series that premiered its seventh and final season last June can be considered the detective series par excellence. It tells the story of the cases inspected by Harry Bosch, a detective of the old school, focused on his work and with little personal life. His stubborn character and his intelligence make Bosch an admirable character.

Another aspect to highlight in this production is the realism with which the facts are told. That is to say, although it is portraying a convoluted and Dantesque crime, the viewer finds it credible and plausible . And another merit of Bosch is that it maintains the freshness and the initial essence until the last episode, something that is complicated in a series of seven seasons.

2. The Valhalla Murders

"An Oslo detective with a painful past returns to his native Iceland to help a police officer track down a serial killer with a link to a mysterious photograph." This is how Netflix presents this series in which the Norwegian scenery transports you to a cold and intriguing atmosphere.

If you add to this its good script, the excellent performances and its strong personality, you get as a result a very successful series.

3. Marcella

Marcella is another of the best current detective series. It tells what happens to the protagonist when her husband leaves her, she is anguished and heartbroken, and in the midst of this circumstance, a set of new murders drives Marcella to reopen a case from a decade ago . If in addition to suspense, you like detective plots with personal and sentimental conflicts, this is the series for you.

Marcella is a very complete and multifaceted series, as it develops several plots at the same time. In addition, it brings a renewed and fresh vision to the detective genre by having a woman as the main character, something uncommon in detective plots. This feature gives rise to introduce new debates such as the complications of being a mother and work-life balance.

4. Sherlock

If you're a lover of the classics, this detective series is for you. As its title suggests, the main character of the series is Conan Doyle's mythical character, Sherlock Holmes, played by Benedict Cumberbatch .

In this series, the adventures of the renowned detective are updated, as the plot is set in contemporary London, although Holmes' amazing logical reasoning and his arrogant and eccentric character are maintained. Plus, its episodes work just as well together as they do separately.

5. Line of Duty

Line of Duty is another one of today's must-see detective series. It portrays the investigations of a police internal affairs unit in an unnamed British city. And it is there, in its plot, where the value of this series lies.

The interest of Line of Duty is in its plot, because it is not the typical detective series in which crimes of passion and murders are solved, but here what is pursued are issues of corruption, abuse of power ...

6. Collateral

This detective series, also set in the police city of London, tells how a detective uncovers a conspiracy involving drug traffickers, smugglers and spies after the murder of a pizza delivery boy.

The charm of this story lies in the leap the plot takes when detective Kip Glaspie discovers that behind the murder of a simple delivery boy lies a huge sewer of crime . As the protagonist investigates, the viewer comes to think that any barbarity can be behind the crime.

7. Grantchester

Thisadaptation of James Runcie's books tells the story of how the priest of a British village in the 50s makes the leap from the church to the world of crime when he begins to investigate the murder of one of his parishioners. It is undoubtedly another of the most charismatic detective series,

And although it is picturesque and unbelievable that a parish priest is dedicated to solve crimes, the context that accompanies this character and his internal dilemmas make us understand his situation perfectly, giving a plausible result.

8. Safe

And to finish this list of the best current detective series, Safe, a series that leaves no one indifferent, because in this case the one who plays the role of detective and investigates the facts is at the same time the father of the missing woman .

The main character, Tom Delaney, a prestigious surgeon, while investigating the disappearance of his daughter, finds out dark secrets of the people around him. And the fact that these dark secrets surround the protagonist, gives the plot an atmosphere of intrigue and constant suspicion that keeps the viewer on edge.

Besides, Tom Delaney is a very complete character with many internal dilemmas and sorrows, as he drags traumas such as the death of his wife.

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