Black Ops Cold War: Best MP5 Gear and Accessories

Black Ops Cold War: Best MP5 Gear and Accessories

Best MP5 charging and accessories

  • Optical - Microflex LED
  • Muzzle - Sound suppressor
  • Barrel - 9.1 ″ striped
  • Body - Constant sight laser
  • Underbarrel – Front handle
  • Magazine - Round drum 40
  • Manipulate - Speed ​​band
  • Stock - Reduced stock

le Microflex LED The optics can be exchanged with the viewfinder of your choice. There are no statistical differences between them, so it's a matter of preference. the Sound suppressor is necessary to maintain the element of surprise. Shooting an unremoved weapon marks you as a red dot on the enemies minimap, making you a target.

le 9.1 ″ striped The cannon increases the weapon's effective damage range, addressing one of its most critical weaknesses. However, for these close engagements, the Constant sight laser The body attachment makes the hip shot more accurate so you don't have to waste time aiming.

le Front handle The mount under the barrel reduces recoil, which is great when paired with the increased range of the barrel mount. These two make the MP5 a monster within range. You will also be able to shoot for longer periods without recharging thanks to the 40 round drum magazine.

Finally, the Speed ​​band Handle and Reduced stock Both attachments give the MP5 a faster sprint before firing, which is crucial for an SMG. You will be able to shoot first much more often, which usually results in more kills. If you run and shoot this is a noticeable improvement over the original weapon.

To get all eight attachments, you need to equip the Generic Gunfighter Card. If you want to run another wildcard, you will need to reduce the number of attachments to five. We recommend that you remove the Optical, Manipulate, and Magazine if you really have to. Once you've got your weapon equipped with your favorite accessories, check out our Multiplayer Perks guide so you can choose the best perks to pair with your new weapon.

Call of Duty: Cold War Black Ops is now available on PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One and Xbox Series X | S.

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