Brawl Stars | How to win with 8-Bit, Stats, Skills,...

Brawl Stars | How to win with 8-Bit, Stats, Skills,...

Needless to say, the only aspect of this latest arrival in Supercell has, from the beginning, conquered the entire fanbase of the famous mobile game. Our hero, in fact, looks like a cabin cruiser of the never too celebrated arcades of the gaming past, with sounds and effects in line with the tradition behind the game.

However, despite the initial enthusiasm, learning to master 8-Bit will not be absolutely immediate, given the characteristics of this brawler, which make it a perfect hybrid between a tank and a shooter. But how long it takes you to discover its strengths will reward both you and your team.

How to win with 8-Bit? Read the following lines and you'll find all the best tips and strategies to bring home victory with this new brawler.

As for its Super, the brawler will place, in the chosen space, a Damage Booster, that is a turret, not very different from Pam's, capable of increasing the damage of 30% of the attacks of anyone in the defined area. Just according to what is now written, 8-Bit will be able to have a strategic importance of absolute value.

How to get 8-Bit

If you're wondering how many gems you'll have to spend to unlock this new brawler, you can breathe a sigh of relief. 8-Bit, in fact, can join your roster of fighters for free. The only condition to be met is to accumulate at least 6000 trophies, a feat far from difficult.

If you already have the cups in question, the brawler will automatically join your fighters. Otherwise, go down into the arena and win as many fights as you can until you reach the coveted finish line.

8-Bit Strengths

As mentioned at the beginning, the new fighter Brawl Stars can boast several strengths. First of all, his life points will make him a very difficult target to take down; secondly, 8-Bit can count, right away, on considerable firepower, capable of hitting enemies even at considerable distance and kill brawlers with a few hp even with just two bursts of shots.

If we add a Super capable of increasing the damage inflicted, both his and the team's, and two stellar abilities capable, once reached the maximum level, to increase the turret's range and ensure a second instantaneous life to the first K.O. suffered by the brawler in question, we will easily understand how this wrestler can be as offensive as versatile.

8-Bit will have an easy life against most of the wrestlers on the roster, Jessie to Nita, Colt to Penny, and will include all fighters with a low number of life points. The ways in which our cabin cruiser will be able to give the best of itself, however, are: Survival, Footbrawl (as "battering ram") and Siege, in which its super will come in damn handy.

8-Bit's weak points

Brawl Stars | How to win with 8-Bit, Stats, Skills,...
An exclusive skin that brings to mind our gaming past.

With all the merits listed above, even our battle cruiser must have some flaws. As you'll see for yourself, 8-Bit is slow, pachidermically slow, even slower than Frank, the ultimate brawler in all speed charts, at least until now.

This characterist represents the real Achilles heel of the brawler in question, who will be impossible a hasty escape or a chase towards an enemy that is giving it away. His being "differently fast", moreover, will make him an easy target for the various throwers, as well as for the faster fighters, such as the various Leon and Corvo who, with their speed, will easily manage to evade the attacks, or Bombardino and Tick who, with his clusters, will be able to hit 8-Bit without too many problems.

Precisely based on what has now been said, we advise you not to use the brawler in question in game modes such as Grabbers and Wanted (its Super will be a target too easy for opponents), and also avoid all maps with narrow corridors and many walls.

How to unlock the new skins of 8-Bit

Currently, there is only one alternative skin for 8-Bit, called "Classic", available at certain times on the online shop of Brawl Stars , at the price of 30 Gems. Should you decide to buy it, our 8-Bit will take the form of the unforgettable Gambe Boy, Nintendo's first handheld system. A real must have for all retrogaming fans.

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