Crucial P2 2 TB • M.2 Nvme SSD review and test

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Today we have the opportunity to test and review the Crucial P2, one of the SSD M.2 2280 Nvme most purchased on Amazon!

The product was presented in the course of 2020 by Crucial by Micron and represents the entry level offer of the ssd proposal, solid state disks of the homonymous company.

Let's not get lost in further talk and discover together the technical specifications of this Crucial P2!

Crucial P2 2 TB SSD M.2 Nvme • Technical specifications

Il Crucial P2 represents the direct successor of the Crucial P1, The first The company's M.2 2280 Nvme SSD, which certainly did not have surprising performances.

even the Crucial P2, just like the Crucial P5 we reviewed a few days ago, it is a SSD M.2 2280 Nvme that mounts memories 96L TLC NAND flash a more six core Nvme controller brand new, designed by Micron.

This is a device compatible only with PCI Express 3.0 and therefore does not benefit from the new generation PCIE which has more bandwidth.

Il Crucial P2 it is available in different memory sizes: 250GB, 500GB, 1TB and 2TB.

The smaller models have lower performance specifications than the 1TB and 2TB models.

Il Crucial P2 is available in form factor M.2 2280 and assemble one Phison E13T come controller.

Il Phison E13T is a quad channel DRAMless controller with production process at 28 nm and a single core operating at 667 Mhz.

Unlike the Crucial P5, the model we are dealing with does not mount any DRAM for buffering on FTL tables, but instead implements NVMe's Host Memory Buffer, a more common technology that allows you to use DRAM of the system, this saves on the cost of the device.

Crucial P2 2 TB Benchmark SSD M.2 Nvme • Test & Benchmark

Now let's go to the section on benchmarks and tests regarding the Crucial P2.

As we will see, ours SSD M.2 Nvme will perform absolutely regular and close to those declared by the company.

Crucial P2 2 TB Benchmark SSD M.2 Nvme • CrystalDiskMark

The first benchmarking we face is the one obtained with CrystalDiskMark, one of the most famous software for the disk performance tests.

This operates both sequential and random writes and reads and it does so with files of different sizes, on transfers of different sizes and with pre-settable queues.

Benchmark result on Crystal Disk Mark with transfer size of 1GB and queue length of 5

As we can see from the results of both the reads and sequential and random writes, Crucial P2 it approaches 2400 MB / s of sequential read and surpasses the 1900 MB / s of sequential write indicated by the company.

We can now compare the results of Crystal Disk Mark with those of the best SSDs on the market.

Comparison chart between different SSD models regarding reading performance
Comparison chart between different SSD models regarding write performance

As we can see from the previous graphs, the Crucial P2 it has a perfectly balanced performance compared to its price.

Obviously it loses all comparisons with the models we tested in the first person of SSD M.2 Nvme, which obviously have a higher cost.

IL Crucial P2 represents the entry level offer for SSD Nvme M.2 di Crucial by Micron.

It doesn't have a particularly exciting performance, but it still has a good quality / price ratio.

Crucial P2 2 TB Benchmark SSD M.2 Nvme • ATTO Disk Benchmark

To investigate the matter further, we then ran tests on ACT Disk benchmark, a program that gives us a broader view of what happens on files of different sizes.

Results of tests conducted on ACT Disk benchmark sul Crucial P2

As we can see, the results on ATTO they speak very highly of this record, which manages to go beyond the stated specifications.

However, these were conducted on small transfers (256MB) and with a queue depth of 4. Data may change as the transfer size increases.

In any case, however, the Crucial P2 it has stable performance even on files of different sizes.

Performance comparison chart on ATTO between different SSD disks regarding the reading speed
Performance comparison chart on ATTO between different SSD disks regarding write speed

Comparison tests regarding the Crucial P2 leave some time they find since the other devices we tested firsthand belonged to a different price range.

However, they allow us to determine what the performance of the disc itself is in relation to its price.

Il Crucial P2, in fact, it does not differ particularly from the Crucial P5 (which is the next model) on transfers of limited duration.

These tests also confirm us as the P2 is not one of the best performing SSDs on the market, but also that it can be a great thoughtful choice among devices with a quality / price ratio among the most honest.

Crucial P2 2 TB Benchmark SSD M.2 Nvme • Anvil’s storage Utilities

The latest performance test was conducted on Anvil’s storage Utilities, a tool that allows you to establish a score based on the performance of the disk, as well as show the speed of writing and reading as well as latencies.

Risultati benchmark Anvil’s storage utilities del Crucial P2

For this test the transfer size was set to 1 GB. This test thus gave the opportunity to analyze the performance trend as the I / O operations persist.

If we compare it, in fact, with the previous test carried out on ATTO we can see how the speed of sequential writing and reading your files from 4 MB have shrunk significantly.

As we can also see from the results of the overall score of Anvil’s, this Crucial P2 it does not perform at all badly when compared with the Crucial P5 as well as with the Kingston KC2500, which are two SSD M.2 Nvme with a significantly higher price.

We can therefore reconfirm what has been said so far.

Crucial P2 2 TB • Conclusions

Il Crucial P2 it's a SSD M.2 2280 Nvme from balanced and honest performances and with an affordable price.

It is definitely worth considering for anyone who wants a Good sized SSD and with decent performance, which doesn't cost a fortune.

It probably has a more attractive position in the market than its successor Crucial P5, which instead costs more, but does not keep up with its competitors in terms of performance.

This too, like the Crucial P5 already reviewed, has a 5-year official warranty Crucial by Micron.

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