Sharkoon RGB Flow Review • A pleasant surprise!

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If what you are looking for is a case and gaming and your budget does not allow you to spend money, you have just come to the right place.

In fact, today I'm about to introduce you to a Sharkoon model which impressed us positively for the many qualities possessed.

Let's not get lost in further chat and let's discover this article together!


Sharkoon RGB Flow Review • A pleasant surprise!


THERGB Flow Sharkoon it's a case mid tower affordable price full of countless features RGB and equipped with a design that in this price range manages to scare competing brands.

The product in question has been available on the market since the last months of 2019, and at the time the review will be published it is one of the latest proposals of the emerging brand that is increasingly gaining a place among the big names in the sector. Gaming.


Sharkoon RGB Flow Review • Technical Specifications


Il case and gaming Sharkoon RGB comes at a price of about 55 euros on Amazon and is a case ATX middle tower.

It only has a fan from 120mm preinstallata in the front but there is space to install more inside.

It is not a case designed to install radiators of important dimensions as it will only allow us to place a 240mm in the front panel.

Instead, it allows you to install GPU with a maximum size of 35 cm e CPU coolers height of 15,7 cm.

It is equipped with a REB controller in the back which is the fulcrum of the whole CASE​.

In fact, any fans or LED strips of the Sharkoon brand can be connected to it. This will then allow you to manage the play of light being, among other things, compatible with all proprietary programs of the major motherboard manufacturers.

The manual control allows you to manage well 14 plays of light.


THERGB flow allows you to install up to 2 optical drives of 3,5 "and 6 of 2,5".

In the upper panel, in addition to the classic power, restart and audio keys, we will have 3 USB connectors available, 2 of which USB 3.0.

The side window is in tempered glass and the opening / closing system is simple and functional.


There is also the box that allows you to separate thepower pack from the rest of the components excluding it in the lower section.

This will also greatly help the management of the cable management.

Furthermore theRGB Flow It has a very high quality dust filter in the upper part and another in the lower part for the power supply.


Weight: 6,0 Kg Maximum 3,5 ″ HD: 2
Pre-installed fans: 1 Maximum 2,5 ″ HD: 6
USB: 2 x 3.0 - 1 x 2.0 Size: x 42,4 20,6 48,1 cm x
Max Cooler Height: 157 mm Available colors: RGB
Maximum GPU Length: 350m


Sharkoon RGB Flow Review • User experience


The case is made of good quality materials, surprisingly!

In fact, I remind you that we are in a price range where generally the construction of the products leaves something to be desired.

The 3 filters are of high quality, the side tempered glass panel as well as being very beautiful, it is installed with a simple and fast system.


Unfortunately we only have a pre-installed fan but judging by the price I would say that it is also logical.

It is one of the best, if not the best cases I have ever had the pleasure of testing in this price range.

It is a dispassionate advice for those who do not want to spend more than 60 euros and have a little gem in their hands!

Then I would buy an additional fan to be installed in the rear to improve the general internal airflow a little.

It is very simple to manage the cable management because of the lower bulkhead that allows us to hide the cables.

And the assembly inside is not at all difficult or embarrassed.


Sharkoon RGB Flow Review • Appearance and conclusion


Lo Sharkoon RGB FLOW it is aesthetically very valid, especially in the front facade.

The diagonal RGB stripe that characterizes the case and gaming it certainly does not leave you indifferent when your PC is turned on.

The same goes for the Sharkoon logo always in plain sight on the front.


In addition, the side window in tempered glass as well as the materials that make up the whole article participate in giving an elegant and captivating look.

A case that deserves to be rightfully included in the best buy of the mid-range!



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