Destiny 2: Complete Guide to The Dawning, All Recipes

Destiny 2: Complete Guide to The Dawning, All Recipes

The winter event of the Dawning is back again this year Destiny 2 and so is Eva Levante. Last year was introduced the Festive Oven and the preparation of sweets, which allowed to prepare recipes for many characters scattered in the solar system. This year it is back in its 2.0 form with the already existing recipes along with others all new. In addition, a new exotic Christmas-themed goshawk has also arrived.

Are you ready to bake sweets, deliver them and earn a lot of resources? Well, let's see together everything there is to know about Dawning.

Making candy

Eva Levante, unlike previous events, has moved just beyond Tess Everis' Everversum store. When you talk to her, she will deliver you The Eva's Festive Oven 2.0. To activate it you will need to enter an Uncommon Ingredient, a Rare Ingredient and 15 Dawning Essences that can be obtained by completing any activity in the game. If you unlock all the recipes, the Festive Oven will become Prodigious and the cost in essences will be lowered to 10 per recipe.

Uncommon Ingredients

Uncommon ingredients are obtained by accident by killing enemies of every hostile race.

  • Vex Milkobtainable from Vex (mainly available on Nessus and Mercury);
  • Ether reed: obtainable from the Fallen (mainly available on European Dead Zone, Titan, Nessus, Riva Contorta and Luna);
  • Cabal Oil: obtainable from the Cabal (available mainly on Zona Morta Europea, Io, Mercurio, Marte and Riva Contorta);
  • Chitin powder: obtainable from the Hive (available mainly on Titan, Mars, Riva Contorta, Dream City and Moon);
  • Corrupt Butter: obtainable from Corrotti (mainly available on Io e Città Sognante);
  • Dark Ether Reed: obtainable from the Infami (mainly available on the Riva Contorta and Città Sognante).

Rare Ingredients

Rare Ingredients, on the other hand, depends on how you kill the aforementioned enemies. They are very similar to those of Dawning 2018, but one has been added for Final Moves.

  • Electric Aroma: kills in Arco with class skills or weapons;
  • Pungent Aroma: Killings with Sword;
  • Dark AromaVacuum killings with class skills or weapons;
  • Hot ImpossibleSolar killings with class skills or weapons;
  • Superb ConsistencyKillings with Super;
  • Delicious Explosionexplosive killings, i.e. with grenades, grenade launchers and rocket launchers;
  • Bullet Drops: kills with automatic weapons, i.e. automatic rifles, machine guns and machine guns;
  • Perfect Tasteprecise killings;
  • Lightning of InspirationGenerating Spheres of Light with Super or Prodigious weapons;
  • Balanced Flavours...with bows, reconnaissance rifles and sniper rifles;
  • Faceted Flavorsmultikillings;
  • Final TouchKillings with Final Moves;
  • Tpersonal occo...hand-to-hand killings with skill;
  • A Pinch of Lightgenerating Spheres of Light.

Recipes for the Dawning sweets

Now that you know the ingredients, it's time to learn the recipes!

  • Gjallardolcetti for Commander Zavala in the Tower Courtyard: Ether Reed + Delicious Explosion;
  • Donuts of the Traveller for Ikora Rey in the Tower Bazaar: Cabal Oil + Lightning of Inspiration;
  • Chocolate Cookies in the shape of Hypernave for Amanda Holliday in the Tower Hangar): Cabal Oil + Dark Aroma;
  • Tapioca Telemetry for Banshee-44 in the Tower Courtyard: Vex Milk + Bullet Drops;
  • Seeds of the Eliksni for Louis (Hawthorne's falcon) in the Tower Bazaar: Ether reed + Personal Touch;
  • Gentleman's biscuit for Devrim Kay in the European Dead Zone: Ether Cane + Perfect Taste;
  • Sugar Cookies for Sloane on Titan: Chitin Powder + Bullet Drops;
  • Infinite Forest Cake for Failsafe on Nessus: Vex + Hot Milk Impossible;
  • Radiolar Pudding for Asher Mir on Io: Vex Milk + Electric Aroma;
  • Vanilla Blades for Lord Shaxx in the Tower Yard: Cabal oil + pungent aroma;
  • Javelin Lunar Cake for Anastasia Bray on Mars: Chitin Powder + Aroma Pungent;
  • Particles of Dark Chocolate for the Ranger in the Tower Branch: Corrupt Butter + Dark Aroma;
  • Caramelized Dead Wraiths for the Spider on the Riva Contorta: Canna di Etere Oscuro + Lampo d'Ispirazione;
  • Malasorte Cookies for Petra Venj on the Dreaming City: Dark Ether Reed + Hot Impossible;
  • Strange Cookies for Xûr in its weekly location: Corrupt Butter + Electric Aroma;
  • Fractal Rolls for Brother Vance on Mercury: Vex Milk + A Pinch of Light;
  • Millestrati Biscuit for Riven in the Last Wish raid on the Dream City: Corrupt Butter + Delicious Explosion;
  • Lavender Biscuits for Saint-14 in the Tower Hangar: Vex Milk + Personal Touch;
  • Fried Shadow Paste for the Face of Calus in the Hall of Tribute: Dark Ether Reed + Superb Consistency;
  • Pagnottelle al Fuoco Incrociato for Ada-1 in the Tower Branch: Ether Cane + Balanced Flavours;
  • Cookies Ascending Cereals and Raisins for Eris Morn on the Moon: Chitin Dust + Final Touch;
  • Cybernetics Tart for Benedict 99-40 in the Tower Branch: Cabal Oil + Faceted Flavors.

Deliver the Millestrati Biscuit to Riven

While all the other characters are within easy reach, in Riven's case we're talking about the final boss of a raid, so a little clarification is required. To reach it you'll need to enter the Last Wish raid, reach the Wall of Wishes and enter the Seventh:

Destiny 2: Complete Guide to The Dawning, All Recipes

After you spawnati, reach one of the plates that will take you down to the boss fight. Near the spot where the plate will land you will see a small snowball. Interact with it to deliver the Millestrati Biscuit.

Cold Front

Destiny 2: Complete Guide to The Dawning, All Recipes

After receiving the Festive Oven and preparing the first Gjallardolcetti for Zavala, the Vanguard of the Titans will deliver a package that will include the legendary machine gun Cold Front. It will remain available only during the Dawning (although it is likely to return annually as it did for the Avalanche machine gun) and it will be possible to get other copies with random perks different from the gift packs that the characters will give you after delivering them a treat.

The peculiarity of this weapon is the perk Osmosis, which changes the element of the weapon to coincide with that of the Subclass used immediately after using grenades. The same perk is also present on Vulture, ritual weapon of the Vanguard of Season 9.

Obtain and improve the Alpine Running Goshawk

Destiny 2: Complete Guide to The Dawning, All Recipes

After receiving the Cold Front, Eva Levante will send you on your way to various candy deliveries. The first one will reward you with the Exotic Alpine Running Goshawk, while the following ones will improve it with a Custom Thruster, Vernier Thrusters and the Dawning Parade.

In all, you will need the following sweets, so keep at least one aside for this Quest before handing over any more to the respective characters:

  • Dark Chocolate Particles for the Ranger;
  • Fractal rolls for Brother Vance;
  • Hypernave Chocolate Cookies for Amanda Holliday;
  • Cybernetic Tart for Benedict 99-40;
  • Fried Shadow Paste for the Face of Calus;
  • Ascending Cereal Cookies and Raisins for Eris Morn;
  • Lavender Cookies for Saint-14;
  • Caramelized Dead Spider Wraiths.

In addition, for the final improvement you must have prepared a total of 300 sweets.

And that's it, enjoy the Dawning and the return of Saint-14!

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