Dragon Ball Raging Blast: Unlock All the Characters

Dragon Ball Raging Blast: Unlock All the Characters

Dragon Ball Raging Blast : how to unlock all the characters

In Dragon Ball Raging Blast You can unlock new characters by completing certain chapters in Dragon Battle Collections mode.

If the chapter needed to unlock a certain character is not available you will have to complete some previous chapters to unlock it and move on.

As for Broly SS3 and Vegeta SS3, the chapters to play to unlock them must also be unlocked from the Star Shop, with 20 stars each. Stars are obtained by replaying the chapters you have already completed by fulfilling the requirements in the missions tab.

Here is the list of unlockable characters, and the chapters to complete to get them:

Freezer saga:

Guldo: "The terrifying Ginyu team! Powerful magic or just a trick?"
Reacum: "Your life is mine! Reacum takes action!"
"The combined attack of Red and Blue"
Burter: "The combined attack of Red and Blue"
Captain Ginyu: "Here comes Captain Ginyu! Attack!"

Saga of Bardak:

Bardak: Betrayal of Frieza! Operation Extermination of Saiyans."

Android saga:

Trunks (sword) + transformations: "Hey! Long time no see... Goku's return and the mysterious boy."
Android No. 18: "Strong and good-looking! No. 18 has no weak points"
Android No. 17: "Android No. 17 against the new Little One"
Android #16: "Android #16 makes his move!"

Saga of Majin Buu:

Goten + transformations: "Gohan surprised! Goten's explosive power"
Baby Trunks + Transformations: "Vegeta stunned! The explosive power of Trunks child"
Majin Vegeta: "Fateful clash between Vegeta and Goku"
Gotenks + transformations: "A hero is born from Fusion! His name: Gotenks"
Kid Buu: "Buu advances! Final battle in the Kaiohshin world".

Legendary Super Saiyan saga:

Broly SS3: "The Legendary Super Saiyan is reborn!" / Secret Battle 39 (20 stars to unlock it)

Alternative plots:

Videl: "The pupil"
Gogeta + transformations: "Fusion and Potara Part 1: Super Gogeta"
Vegetto + transformations: "Fusion and Potara Partte 2: Super Vegetto"
Broly + transformations: "Freedom!"
Vegeta SS3: "The strongest Super Saiyan 3" / Secret Battle 47 (20 stars to unlock it)

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