How to get and use gifts in Dragon Ball Z: Kakarot

    How to get and use gifts in Dragon Ball Z: Kakarot

    Dragon Ball Z: Kakarot has a deep character progression system. You don't start out as an almighty warrior, and instead, you will level up your characters using various RPG mechanics throughout the game.

    Gifts in Dragon Ball Z: Kakarot can be used to level up Soul Emblems. Soul Emblems are very important and are granted to you when you complete story missions or side quests. You can place Soul Emblems on Community Boards, granting you various bonuses depending on the Soul Emblems you use. This will increase your character's abilities and powers, so upgrading Soul Emblems is an essential part of character progression in the game.

    To get freebies you have to complete the chapters of the game. You can also earn them by winning some of the main story battles. They will also be granted side quests, so if you want to get goodies quickly, complete some side missions. You will find side quests on the map, marked with a blue exclamation mark. You can find plenty of side quests as you explore the map, so keep your eyes peeled for more as you progress through the story.

    To upgrade your Soul Emblems with the help of gifts, you need to go to the main menu. From there, go to the Community tab, then select Soul Emblems. Find the Soul Emblem you want to level up, then open the Details tab. Now you will be able to gits the soul emblem, increase its level.

    Pay close attention to the bonus that each Soul Emblem gives you before you choose to upgrade it, and make sure it gives you a perk that will complement your playstyle.

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