Fallout 4 - I Lost the Dog and the Other Companions

    Fallout 4 - I Lost the Dog and the Other Companions

    Fallout 4 - The guide to finding mates who disappear or get lost in the contaminated area. It may happen that some of your companions disappear or are not in the place where you sent them but thanks to this guide you will be able to find them with some practical and fast methods!

    Sometimes it's as if the vast contaminated area Fallout 4 swallowed up our comrades without leaving any trace of them. And it often happens just when we need it most to tackle missions ( Guide to main and secondary missions ) or get new and valuable weapons ( How to get the Cryolator rifle with Dogmeat ). Sometimes, caught up in the rush to keep collecting, we will entrust these characters with our best items, obtained with many hours of play, effort and effort. It often happens that some of these companions disappear taking away everything you have entrusted them with forever. It's not a lie! I've seen people who have done this and now they've stopped even trusting their own brother.
    Don't despair because we at VIDEOGAMESTRICKS are close to you and thanks to this guide you will be able to return to embrace your companions and maybe even your brother!


    It seems that some disappearances are due to annoying bugs in the management of the comrades that we hope Bethesda will solve as soon as possible. In the meantime, here are the various hypotheses that answer this painful question:

    HYPOTHESIS 1 - When you send a companion from one place to another he travels on foot so it will take some time to move from Diamond City, for example, to Sanctuary and it's possible that going immediately to the destination you can't find him because he still wanders around the map with all the calm of the world. In fact, if you try to follow a dismissed companion you will see that he walks with a disarming tranquility and slowness towards the chosen location. So the only solution is to wait about a day, maybe resting, and then reach your destination.

    - Some comrades are particularly stubborn and although they choose to send them to other locations they will return to their home, i.e. to the place where you found them or where they usually live. It often happens with Dogmeat who goes back to the Red Rocket station just outside Sanctuary or with Piper who goes to Diamond City in the editorial office of her newspaper. So if you can't find the companions where you sent them, look at their "home".

    - Unfortunately, some players found their teammates by chance after searching all over the map and in all locations. It seems that sending a companion to a location far from where they are may accidentally get caught in an element of gameplay, such as a fallen tree, and stay walking against that element for centuries until the player finds it and takes it back with them. Similar also the other problem of companions who get trapped in a closed place and can't get out by sitting at a table and ignoring the orders of the player who is forced to enter and exit the place over and over again to unlock the situation (and we all know that the loading times between a closed place do not know the word speed!).


    If you want you can also use these solutions in combos that never hurts:

    SOLUTION 1 - Always send your companions to small camps such as Tenpines Bluff (Full Ma Fallout 4 p of ) it is much easier to find your companions in these small places rather than in cities such as Sanctuary. The companions in fact often wander around but always within the location where you have sent them. The smaller the place, the better chance you have of finding them quickly. In Tenpines Bluff there is only a small shack inhabited by 2 settlers and a ruined house in the back near a small vegetable garden. The comrades always go to the ruined house but remember to give them time to get there and rest at least one day when you send someone to the desired location.

    SOLUTION 2 - Send your companions to the base location of each of them. For obvious reasons, if you send your comrades to the place where you found them, they will return exactly to their tasks before they were recruited by you and you can easily find them by visiting their home or business. But this does not apply to all comrades in fact for Deacon, for example, you will have to adopt the other solutions while for Piper you can send her to Diamond City and she will return to the editorial office of her newspaper.

    SOLUTION 3 - In both previous solutions, if you don't find a mate, it is good to build a Bell in the city centre. Playing this instrument in fact you will be able to recruit in a few seconds all the characters present in that area, with the exception of that damn dog that always hides in absurd places and of which we will speak in depth in the next section. Meanwhile we leave you to a video that shows how the Bell works:


    The dog of the game, Dogmeat, tends to get lost often leading the player to a long and frustrating search. In reality this is not so because Dogmeat is positioned in particular strategic points of the place where you send it or where there are red kennels, often behind many houses of the game. If you have sent it to Sanctuary, for example, there are 4 kennels in which to look, located in the backyards of some houses. Dogmeat also does not respond to the call of the bell, so each time you have to find it in the various kennels of the place where you sent it wasting time. Below we propose practical solutions to quickly find Dogmeat in Fallout 4 :

    SOLUTION 1 - Send him to a small camp. Tenpines Bluff is again the perfect example and in this way you will have much less places to watch.

    SOLUTION 2 - If instead you want to send your dog to Sanctuary, for example, enter the construction menu and eliminate all the kennels present building one in front of the base house, where there are also the various workbenches and the repair station for the atomic armor. In this way the big dog will have to slip into that kennel and you will be able to find it in a few minutes as soon as you arrive in Sanctuary.


    For those who are living the fourth adventure of the Contaminated Zone on PC, you can use the command console to quickly reappear their companions just as shown in the following video:

    Follow the steps shown in the video and enter the REF ID of the companion you want to make appear and that you find listed below:

    CAIT: 00079305
    CODSWORTH: 0001ca7d
    CURIE: 00102249
    PALADIN DANSE: 0005de4d
    DEACON: 00050976
    DOGMEAT: 0001d162
    JOHN HANCOCK: 00022615
    ROBERT MACCREADY: 0000313b
    NICK VALENTINE: 00002f25
    PIPER: 00002f1f
    PRESTON GARVEY: 0001a4d7
    STRONG: 0003f2bb
    X6-88: 000e210a

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