Final Fantasy VII Remake – Guida al boss Sephiroth

Certainly could not miss the guide on the boss most awaited by fans, within the journey of Final Fantasy VII: Remake.

In this guide we will explain how to take down the single-winged angel in all its four forms.

Boss stats

Sephiroth attacks

First Phase

During the first phase we will face a Sephiroth already fierce enough, which will attack us with physical attacks and with level 3 spells. It is resistant to all four elements of magic, so it is not recommended to use the latter on the boss.

Our advice is to use the Counterstance ability of the Twin Stinger sword, which manages to counter the attacks of Sephiroth's sword and the spells he casts towards us.

We advise you to equip a healing material, especially because in the first phase we will be alone, we will not have anyone ready to cure us. We also recommend the material Steadfast Block it is useful to defend against Sephiroth's most critical attacks and increases the speed of our ATB bar.

Final Fantasy VII Remake – Guida al boss Sephiroth

Second phase

The second phase of the fight is very similar to the first, this time we will have our companions to accompany us in the enterprise.

As soon as it will be possible to use Aerith, our advice is to use as many support spells as possible, such as the magic wall and barrier, which allows us to have an advantage against Sephiroth.

Attacks like Spark e Hell's Gate they need some extra attention, since they are techniques that are launched at a faster speed than those of the first phase.

To dodge Hell's Gate, you'll need to be very careful where Sephiroth decided to crash, so as to quickly avoid the wide-ranging attack.

The only attack you need to focus on is Counterstance, unleash it as much as possible to bring it to stage three.

Final Fantasy VII Remake – Guida al boss Sephiroth

Third Phase

In the third phase we will have another ally available within our Party. This is one of the most difficult ones, since our fierce enemy will have a series of moves that cause a lot of damage during the fight.

We'll see Sephiroth which will launch far-reaching attacks much more frequently Fortunately these are techniques that have a casting time, so we will have a chance to “easily” escape before it's ready to be launched.

Our Aerith will be key to victory, will have the task of using Curaga continuously, as well as support techniques such as the wall of magic. We will have to be careful of Octoslash, because it causes nearly instant death to characters with 2.000 life points.

To inflict significant damage, our advice is to use Tifa to help Cloud, and as soon as it will be possible to use the Limit Break, unleash it to take the boss to the fourth and final stage.

Final Fantasy VII Remake – Guida al boss Sephiroth

Fourth Phase

The key element to defeat Sephiroth once and for all, is to make his life points decrease using Limit Breaks and invocations, before reaching the final move with Meteor. We remind you that if the countdown expires it will be Game Over for the whole party.

Final Fantasy VII Remake – Guida al boss Sephiroth

The battle will have to be structured with two attacks that will fill their bar for the Limit Break, and one that will be used as a support for the care of the team members.

When you will see it is going to use Heartless Angel, move away from its range, as if it manages to hit you, it will bring your life points to 1. It is also recommended to stock up on many healing items.

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