How HARM Challenge Rooms Work in Marvel's Avengers

How HARM Challenge Rooms Work in Marvel's Avengers

MAvengers of Arvel will be jam-packed with content when it launches on September 4th. Not only is there a single player campaign and multiplayer missions to go through, but there are other in-game challenges that you can play on your own or with friends.

One of these optional challenges will be the HARM challenge rooms. These were teased during Marvel's Avengers live stream from the July War Table, but you probably have more questions about how they work. This is where we come in. Put on your favorite Avengers costume and let's dive in together.

What are HARM challenge rooms?

HARM Challenge Rooms - or Holographic Augmented Reality Machine Challenge Rooms - are virtual training simulations. They allow you to take on increasingly difficult waves of enemies with up to three friends, either solo or with an AI Avengers companion by your side.

HARM challenge rooms allow you to train with different heroes, gear, and skills, which will give you an idea of ​​how they play with your specific loadouts. Since the Avengers are extremely customizable, you'll want to use the HARM challenge rooms to check if your gear for each hero is performing the way you want it to, and see how balanced it is against your friends' heroes or AI.

With teamwork being a fundamental part of Marvel's Avengers, HARM challenge rooms are essential to discovering which combinations of heroes work best together. The different waves of enemies, meanwhile, will give you an idea of ​​how difficult certain missions, war zones, and other challenges are when you select them on your helicarrier's war table map.

How to access the HARM Challenge rooms?

You can access the HARM challenge rooms by heading to the HARM challenge areas on the helicarrier, which are scattered throughout.

You won't have access to it until you unlock the helicarrier through Marvel's Avengers single-player campaign. Once you do, you can practice it.

Are HARM Challenge Rooms available in Marvel's Avengers Beta?

Yes, they will be. You'll start with the HARM Room Training mission, which will show you how to control each hero available in the beta.

Once you're done, you'll have access to three HARM challenge rooms that you can complete solo or online with your friends. If you complete all three, you'll earn a rare nameplate, which will be kept in the full game when it releases.

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