How to hack Dragon City

How to hack Dragon City

Dragon City is a game that can be hacked through various methods, to get everything you need on the platform and all kinds of resources unlimitedly. In this article we are going to talk about some of the most famous types of Dragon City hacks for Android and iOS.

Something very important that you should know before reading on is that during this process, the distributor SocialPoint could discover that you are cheating and close your account cheating and close your account, losing all the achievements and resources you had accumulated so far. That is why you should know that you are doing it under your own responsibility.

To have this game hacked you will be able to do it through some third-party applications, that is to say external to the Dragon City app itself. You will also be able to do it through programs that help with cheat and removable files, to be able to insert into the game data.

Hacking Dragon City on Android and iOS

As you are going to have the game illegally, some of the consequences that may occur are that you will lose your account permanently or temporarily, depending on the severity considered by the distributor. The game has several anti hacks that aim to stop the actions of these players who are always looking to have everything immediately.

It is recommended to use this type of cheats very carefully and spaced in time, so as not to raise the suspicions of the distributor. There are several hacks available in the game, such as the infinite gems hack, the hack to have everything unlocked, the infinite gold in Dragon Citythe free dragons, etc.

To download these hacks, all you have to do is download an application called application called HappyMod and from there you can directly search for the hacked Dragon City game and download it. No need to be looking for files or programs that could even be harmful to your smartphone or could even steal some information and data you have on it and are private.

Warning: beware of free generators

Another way to get everything you need in Dragon City is through the free resource generators. free resource generators. These platforms assure you that they will give you everything you need in the game, but nothing could be further from the truth. What they are looking for is to get your personal data and use it for their own benefit.

You will have to be special care when dealing with fake generators such as Dontruko, Mobilgamer such as Dontruko, Mobilgamer or Goluego, as they are only trying to trick you. We recommend that you don't even enter these sites, because it will be very easy for them to scam you and take your private personal data.

How to hack Dragon City

I have done the hack but I do not receive any resources

If you have downloaded the hacked application as we have explained in the previous section, you should receive your resources at the same moment. Instantly. In case it doesn't work, we recommend you to uninstall everything you have done and start from scratch. start again from scratch.

If you have any other problem with your Dragon Cityaccount, which has to do with any of the legal and authorized procedures by the distributor, you can contact the Google Play Help center. Google Play Helpwhere they will always look for the best solution to all your problems in the game.

Why are resources disappearing from my account?

If the resources are disappearing from your account and you have not spent them buying in the official Dragon City store, it means that your account has been hacked. In this case you should act as quickly as possible and follow the steps below, so that the hacker can stop hurting you:

  • Change the password of your Dragon City account, in order to make the hacker lose access to your account.

  • Contact the Dragon City organization through their official social media accounts, so that they can look for the hacker to stop him from harming anyone else. Dragon City Instagram, Dragon City Facebook y Dragon City Twitter.

How to hack Dragon City

Frequently Asked Questions

We leave you with some of the most frequently asked questions that Dragon City players have. We have solved all the doubts, so that they can help you to have the best game experience in each of your games.

What to do with repeated dragons in Dragon City?

You can resend the dragons you have in the Dragonarium directly to the tree of life. You can search for duplicate dragons in the forwarding screen using filters.

Which dragons have a shield in Dragon City?

You can know the rarity of a dragon by by looking at the "shield" in the upper left corner of each dragon's information window.

How are wildcards used in Dragon City?

If you have enough wild orbs to initiate the summoning or powering up of a dragon, they will appear in yellow in the progress bar, inside the tree of life, on the summoning or powering up screen.

How to get the pure dragon?

There are a total of 11 pure dragons, the Pure Dragon and 10 Pure Elementals from level 34 on. to obtain the pure elemental dragons you have to combine the Pure Dragon with an elemental (Earth, Fire, Sea, Nature, Electric, Ice, Metal, Dark, Light and War).

Now you know how to hack Dragon City in a very easy but not very safe way. If you are interested in learning more about this video game and others that are currently on the market, do not hesitate to check our blog of ForAppsLoverswhere we will give you the best tricks, so you can become a real gamer.

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