How to make better curry in Pokémon Sword and Shield

    How to make better curry in Pokémon Sword and Shield

    When you're at camp with your Pokémon Pokémon Sword and Shield Pokémon, you have the chance to put your cooking skills to the test and whip up a pot of curry. When you give it to your Pokémon, they become friendlier to you, regain health, and gain experience points. This all improves depending on the quality of the curry you make for them.

    There are five curry rankings in the game.

    • Charizard Class (Gold): Eating this curry restores health, PP, and heals them of any Pokémon and heals them of any status effects. They also gain a lot of experience points and become more friendly towards you.
    • Pachyradjah (Siler) Class: Eating this curry restores a Pokémon's health, PP, and cures and heals them of any status effects. They also gain a lot of experience points and are friendlier to you. Not as good as Charizard, but there are several similar effects.
    • Creamy Class (Bronze): Eating this curry restores a Pokémon's health and heals it of any status effects. They also earn a decent amount of experience points and become friends with you.
    • Qulbutoke Class: Eating this curry restores half a Pokémon's health, it gains a few experience points, and becomes slightly friendly to you.
    • Smogo Class: Eating this curry restores a bit of a Pokémon's health. They also gain a small number of experience points and are a bit friendly to you.

    You want to aim for anything above the Creamy class since your campsite functions somewhat like a Pokémon center on the go when you cook the meal. There are four different ways you can directly influence the quality of the curry you prepare to feed your team. Unfortunately, at this time, there isn't an exact science of how to come away with a Charizard ranking every time. It takes a little while for the Pokémon community to find out about this. But at the moment, we have a few ideas on how this process works.

    The first is choosing the right fruits and the right ingredients before you start cooking. You want to use one of the top quality basics, which you can get from the vendors in the green and red outfits with big backpacks, and you can find them all over the wilderness. They have things like sausages, burgers, bread, coconut milk, crème fraîche and many more choices. You should read the ingredient description before mixing it into a large curry mix to get an idea of ​​the flavors you want to highlight in your dish.

    Berries are an essential part of these meals and you have to choose which ones to place in a dish. For best quality, you want to use berries with The descriptions "slightly rare" or "rare". When using a rare berry, you improve the overall quality of the dish right from the start, making it much easier to walk with a higher rank medal. Make sure that they also complement the base choice you made.

    You want to use the rare berries and use the ones that complement each other to create a more homogeneous dish. You can read the description of each berry you are about to mention before using it, but you want to look for the choices that match each other. If the first berry you use is "bitter," you want to make sure you use other berries that are also bitter and bring out that flavor. The same goes for spices, sweet, dry, sour and some are neutral

    The second thing that influences your dish is stoking the flames when you throw all of your ingredients into the pot. You don't want to spam the fan frantically. Instead, you want to go for a full, regular pattern, watching the steam and sparks come out of the dish. If you have the brilliants coming out of the top, you are on the right track. It takes a bit of practice to match the flames to the dish, so take your time and watch your pace.

    In the next part, you have to turn a spoon inside the pot to mix the ingredients, which happens after you fan the flames. You want to go at a steady pace without spilling the meal, but all the ingredients cook together under the flames. Much like the ventilated part, getting moving takes some practice, and there are little visual effects in play, giving you a better idea of ​​your performance.

    The last part is about timing. You have to put your heart in the creation, and you have to cast "your heart" at the right time. You want to aim for the small circle inside the large ring. In order for the heart to be properly thrown at the right time, you need to time it a few seconds before the contraction ring reaches the inside. The circle continues to contract after pressing the button. So you want to make sure that you allow a few seconds for the heart to perform its animation. After that, you should see the results of your work and see your progress.

    These are the important factors to achieve a higher rank in the preparation of curry. Some players have reported having more success camping with others and making curry. If you don't have access to Nintendo's online portion, you can participate. You can find one The Campers The PNJs to curry with and get the same achievement. Camping with friends can help, but the quality of the ingredients, which it warms, stirs and throws your heart at the right time, will help you the most.

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