The 10 Best Twitter Clients for iPhone and iPad

Twitter is one of the most popular social media platforms and has millions of users around the world. The platform offers its official app for iPhone but many people think it's not perfect. Luckily, the official Twitter app isn't the only Twitter app on the App Store, and there are plenty of Twitter clients available. Here are the best Twitter clients for iPhone and iPad in 2020.

  • Crowdfire
  • Twitterrific
  • Tweetbot 5 for Twitter
  • Tweetlogix for Twitter
  • Echofon for Twitter
  • Hootsuite
  • Fenix ​​for Twitter
  • Listomatic
  • Nighthawk for Twitter
  • Twitter


Crowdfire is one of the best Twitter clients for iPhone and iPad. It is basically the social media management tool that supports the majority of social networking sites including Twitter. The best thing about this app is that it comes with a very polished user interface and features. It allows you to schedule your tweets from the app and you also have the option to follow and reply to your tweets. In addition to that, it also allows your growth on Twitter and other useful data.


Twitterrific is one of the best Twitter clients for iPhone and iPad. It is a simple Twitter application that provides the best possible user experience without promotional tweets and other annoying stuff. The app also displays all the tweets chronologically which is a nice touch. Besides that, it also allows you to hide unwanted words, phrases, hashtags, users and other things on your timeline. If you are looking for a complete Twitter app, Twitterrific is a solid option for you.

Tweetbot 5

Tweetbot 5 is another full-featured Twitter app that offers ultimate control over your timeline. The app lets you create multiple Twitter lists and timelines without any restrictions. It also comes with redesigned profiles and tweet details that look aesthetically pleasing. The app also supports haptic feedback, video autoplay, new iconography, GIF support, and many more.

Tweetlogix for Twitter

Tweetlogix is ​​one of the best Twitter clients for iPhone and iPad. Just like other Twitter apps on this list, Tweetlogix is ​​also equipped with tons of cool features. However, what we liked the most was its more refined and intuitive user interface. The app includes features like timeline timeline, gap detection, 3D Touch online image previews, Geo-tag tweets, tweet music titles and many more. This is a premium app and you can get it for $4,49.

Echofon for Twitter

Being one of the best Twitter clients for iPhone, Echofon is equipped with all the features that you can expect from a great Twitter app. Let's start with the user interface. Echofon comes with an excellent user interface which is easier to use and it also offers 6 unique themes which you can use to give a unique look to the app. It also comes with lots of features like nearby tweet search with map integration, image preview, threaded chat mode, multiple account support and many more.


Hootsuite is surprisingly a very good application for Twitter that you can use to manage your Twitter account. It is basically a social media management app and it supports major social media platforms including Twitter. On this app, you can edit tweets and schedule them as per your choice. The app also lets you efficiently manage all inbox interactions and messages right from the app.

Fenix ​​for Twitter

Fenix ​​is ​​one of the best Twitter clients for iPhone and iPad. The best thing about this app is that it offers the modern Twitter experience without any compromise. It does not come with ads and all tweets are listed in chronological order. It also includes fully customizable main screen tabs and you also have the option to get rid of unwanted tweets, keyboard, hashtags, etc. The app also comes with the light and dark themes which you can choose according to your taste.


Listomatic is one of the best Twitter clients for iPhone. It's the best Twitter app for those who want things more organized. Listomatic allows you to create twitter lists and you can create unlimited lists. You can create lists for tech, football, movies, comedy, and more. directly from the app. Once the lists are created, the app will display tweets and member details in their respective lists.

Nighthawk for Twitter

Nighthawk is one of the best Twitter clients for iPhone and iPad. The developers have designed this app from scratch to make it fast and reliable. It ensures that all tweets in your timeline are displayed in chronological order. The app also includes lots of filters that you can use to silence topics, hashtags, and more. with just a touch. Also, it allows you to choose your close friends and have a separate timeline where you will only find tweets from your close friends. If you are looking for a sleek and comprehensive Twitter app, Nighthawk is an ideal option for you.


The official Twitter app has improved a lot over the past few years, and the company has introduced the majority of features users want. Now it comes with a dark mode which is better than many other Twitter apps. The official app also lets you block people and offers more control over your timeline. Also, the best thing about the official Twitter app is that it is under development and you can expect more improvement in the app.


These are the 10 best Twitter clients for iPhone and iPad in 2020. Most of these apps are free, but we've included some paid ones as well, in case you want premium features. Let us know your favorite app in the comments section below. Also, if you are planning to join other social media platforms, you can check out our guide on “10 Best Social Media Apps for iPhone”.

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