The best alternatives to Google

As most of you already know, Google is undoubtedly the most popular website in the world and the most used search engine anywhere in the world.

Thanks to this popular search engine, you will be able to find a lot of information in just one click. In addition, Google also has other applications that are pleasantly useful (Gmail, Drive, Calendar...).

Google is undoubtedly one of the most complete websites on the market. That is why, from ForAppsLovers we are going to discover alternatives to Google that you are going to love.

What are the problems with Google?

  • Server crashes
  • A lot of ad-based search results
  • Poor privacy

These errors make users look for alternatives to Google to find new search engines similar to it.

The best Google alternatives

Next, we're going to introduce you to some very interesting alternatives to Google.

Let's get started!


First of all, let's introduce you to Bing. This Microsoft search engine is known to be one of the most important search engines on the market today. In addition, Bing offers a more colorful and attractive design than Google, as it is constantly changing.

Another important feature of this search engine is that it has a bar with current content (news, TV channel programming...).

Advantages of Bing

  • Variable design
  • Has its own functions (text translation, grammar check...)
  • Allows you to alternate the search with images, maps...

Opinions of Bing [Rating 4.7/5].

  • "My favourite search engine", Sonia.
  • "Great, it works great", Carlos.
  • "I love it", Gisela.

Yahoo Search

Yahoo Search is characterized by its simple and basic interface.

On the other hand, this search engine has a toolbar that allows us to check current news of all kinds. In addition, Yahoo Search takes care of the user's privacy and has the most important functions.

Advantages of Yahoo Search

  • Easy to use
  • Secure
  • It offers the weather forecast

Yahoo Search reviews [Rating 4.6/5].

  • "I love it", Oriol.
  • "I use it every day", Cristina.
  • "Great", Carla.

Duck Duck Go

In third place, we present you Duck Duck Go. This search engine has a very similar design to Google. However, Duck Duck Go has a very important feature: it focuses on the user's privacy. This search engine does not save the user' s history nor does it offer customizations based on their searches.

Advantages of Duck Duck Go

  • Very secure
  • Very simple design
  • Easy to use

Reviews of Duck Duck Go [Rated 4.8/5]

  • "Brutal, very safe", Bernat.
  • "Without a doubt my favorite", Olga.
  • "100% secure", Eudald.


This search engine is not very well known in Spain, but in other places like Russia, it is undoubtedly the search engine par excellence. Yandex is available in English and has a very simple and typical design. In addition, it has several buttons to access videos, maps, images...

A very remarkable feature of Yandex is that the results pages are displayed with richer content.

Advantages of Yandex

  • Rich content
  • Easy to use
  • It has its own browser

Yandex reviews [Rating 4.6/5].

  • "I discovered it recently and I love it", Toni.
  • "Very top", Gerard.
  • "Everything perfect", Sergi.


Qwant has a much more elaborate interface. Apart from the search engine, you can also check current news at the bottom. In addition, you can switch between the basic search or you can create a search for music content.

This search engine has an excellent privacy, as it doesn't keep the history saved and doesn't use cookies.

Advantages of Qwant

  • Results are displayed in a more visual way
  • Very secure
  • They also offer content uploaded to social networks

Qwant reviews [Rating 4.8/5].

  • "I recommend it", Sara.
  • "Spectacular", Karen.
  • "Very reliable", Jordi.

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