The best alternatives to Lectulandia

For those who don't know, Lectulandia allows you to download books so you can read them whenever you feel like it.

Although recently this website is about to be eliminated, from ForAppsLovers we are going to present you the alternatives to Lectulandia that surely will not leave you indifferent.

What are the problems with Lectulandia?

  • Closure of the website

  • Few new features

  • The website crashes

These errors tend to be somewhat uncomfortable and annoying for all users. That's why ForAppsLovers is going to present you with the best alternatives to Lectulandia .

The best alternatives to Lectulandia

Below you will find a list of the best alternatives to Lectulandia that you are sure to love.


First of all, we introduce you to Espaebook. This portal stands out for its extensive content, as it has more than 65,000 books available so you can spend a pleasant time reading your favorite books.

In addition, its genres are very diverse and varied in order to reach as many users as possible.

Advantages of Espaebook

  • It contains a search engine to search for the title you want

  • Quick download

  • The books can be downloaded in PDF, MOBI or EPUB.

    Opinions of Espaebook [Rating 4.7/5].

    • "I always find my favorite books", Sandra.
    • "A blast", Rubén.
    • "It never ceases to amaze me", Nerea.


    Secondly, Freeditorial is an ideal option to download your books in PDF without any problem. In addition, it has a very simple design so that users do not have any complications.

    Advantages of Freeditorial

    • No registration required

    • No advertising

    • Fast downloads

    Reviews of Freeditorial [Rating 4.8/5].

    • "Great", Jordina.
    • "Incredible", Marta.
    • "Perfect content", Helena.


    Planetalibro is one of the most popular alternatives to Lectulandia. In this portal you can find thousands of free PDF books as they are in the public domain.

    A plus point of this website is that you can read the book you want without having to download it.

    Advantages of Planetalibro

    • Multitude of genres

    • Books adapt to mobile phone screens

    • Totally free

    Reviews of Planetalibro [Rating 4.6/5].

    • "Perfect", Irene.
    • "Simply, I love it", Júlia
    • "Ideal to have a good time reading", Ylenia.


    At number four of the alternatives to Lectulandia, we present Utorrent.

    This portal stands out for its great speed when downloading books and, in addition to offering a wide variety of books, it also offers movies and series.

    In this case, you must download the Utorrent program to be able to use it without any impediment.

    Advantages of Utorrent

    • Easy to download

    • Secure

    • Wide variety of content

    Reviews of Utorrent [Rating 4.5/5].

    • "A 10", Oriol.
    • "I really like the content", Berta.
    • "Everything is great", Mireia.


    Last but not least, we bring you BookBoon.

    This portal offers books in Spanish, especially contains technical books for those university students who need them. In BookBoon you can find books with a lot of culture and content.

    Advantages of BookBoon

    • Ideal for students

    • Free

    • Fast downloads

    BookBoon reviews [Rating 4.5/5].

    • "Ideal for my studies, it helps me a lot", Miguel.
    • "There is everything", Mariano.
    • "Great", Jennifer.

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