The best Pokémon MMOs created by fans

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The best Pokémon MMOs created by fans

Ever since Red and Green first came out in 1996 (anyone feeling their age now?). Fans have created their own versions of the ever-popular Pokémon Games. Modded ROMs have become very popular and there are some that have achieved great success such as Liquid Crystal. Particularly ambitious Pokémon fans have also started making MMOs for the series that have become just as popular as the original modified ROMs. Many of these MMOs make the games more realistic by making them more social. These are some of the best Pokémon MMOs currently available. This list is in no particular order or ranking and many of these games are still in active development but are functional.

Pokémon Revolution Online

The best Pokémon MMOs created by fansImage via Pokemon Revolution Online

Pokemon Revolution Online is arguably the most popular of all the games on this list. One thing that is very unique is that it can run on the Android operating system. Players can take this game on PC or Mac or Android smart device. PRO is constantly increasing. The game itself is one of the best Pokémon MMO available today. It shows the region of Kanto, Johto and Hoenn and all its native Pokémon and gyms.

This game has a lot of interesting features including a lot of customization. In this game, your character looks like playable characters from the Generation IV games, but has a lot of customization that allows players to have unique sprites to use in the game.As expected from a Pokémon based MMO, this game has PVP. trading and a lot of in-game events, including seasonal events.

The game closely follows the story of the original games while featuring MMORPG elements. The art style used for the game uses much of the official content as reference, but most of the art, including the in-game sprites, is completely custom. This becomes very noticeable as the seasons of the game change.


The best Pokémon MMOs created by fans The best Pokémon MMOs created by fansImage via PokeMMO

PokéMMO is a rival to Pokémon Revolution Online. Like PRO, PokéMMO is available on PC, Linux, Mac and Android devices. Installing PokéMMO requires a bit of work. Aside from the game's base client, players must purchase ROMs of the original games. One thing that's great about PokéMMO is that all ROMs are optional. Players can choose the original Pokémon game to play in an MMO environment. Currently, the game can use ROMs for Black, White, Fire Red, Emerald, Platinum, Gold Core and Silver Core. Players simply need to point the game client to one of these ROMs to get started.

Once players in the game they follow the stories like a normal Pokémon game with a host of new features and character customization options. The game includes PVP and trading options as well as regular tournaments. As a PRO, PokéMMO offers changing seasons. Seasons change each month, altering the capture and generation rates of various Pokémon and allowing access to new areas. PokéMMO also has some mods to enhance the gameplay experience, such as a mod that uses 3D sprites from later games in combat.

Planet pokemon

The best Pokémon MMOs created by fans The best Pokémon MMOs created by fansImage via Pokemon Planet

Pokemon Planet may be the longest-running Pokémon MMO with a steadily growing player base. It regularly appears in Google's top trends and YouTube search results. During its five years of existence, the game has grown and improved considerably. While all of the current art is based on official Pokémon franchise art, most of it is original, including the Pokémon sprites. Planet functions as a traditional role-playing game with leveling systems for things like fishing and mining for players. Currently, Pokemon Planet offers vanilla regions from the original games, but the creator is supposedly working on a unique region for the MMO.

There are global events and in-game bonuses. The community is generally friendly and players can organize themselves into teams or clans to play together. The user interface of the game is very clean and crisp, making it easy to control the game and access its features. This game is very simple and easy to understand even for those who are new to MMORPGs. This game also includes a list of achievements for players to aim for while playing.

Unlike the other entries on this list, Planet is browser-based, so it can be read anywhere with an up-to-date browser and a decent WiFi connection. This does not apply to mobile browsers. Unfortunately, this game is not compatible with some of the most popular mobile web browsers, but that may change in a future update.

Pokémon MMO 3D

The best Pokémon MMOs created by fans The best Pokémon MMOs created by fansImage via Pokémon MMO 3D

Pokémon MMO 3D is a unique title on this list. The game is fully 3D instead of having a top-down sprite that resembles most other Pokémon games. The game runs on the Unity engine and has a lot of rough edges. The graphics aren't great, but they are constantly updated. Perhaps the most unique part of the game is that players play as both Pokémon and their trainers. Because of this system, battles are not turn-based, but are played in real time. There aren't many customization options, but players can change their trainer models to different colors and different player characters in the franchise. While the aesthetics of the game still need improvement, the developers are constantly working on the more technical aspects of the game, which continue to get better and better. There is still no story, so the game is essentially an empty sandbox for players to run, fight and practice.


The best Pokémon MMOs created by fans The best Pokémon MMOs created by fansImage via the PokéOne community.

PokéOne is developed by the original creator of PRO. Uno features Kanto, Johto and recently launched the region of Thesselia for players to explore and play. Uno has features like PVP Ladder and Battle Frontier, but what makes it truly unique is that it includes all Gen VII Pokémon.

Uno allows players to change the graphics options by allowing players to use traditional 2D graphics like in the original games or 3D graphics seen in more recent entries to the franchise.

We play a lot like PRO due to having the same developers, but it has a lot of potential for change and growth. It is constantly updated and has an active fan base that is always looking to promote and improve it.

Pokémon World Online

The best Pokémon MMOs created by fansImage from Pokémon World Online Life

It is one of the oldest Pokémon MMOs. This game is the classic WoW Pokemon MMO. It is well liked and has a large player base, but it still has many rough edges. It doesn't have the best user interface, but it has many interesting features. There are fully integrated Kanto and Johto regions including gyms, battle tower, PvP and trading. PWO also offers day/night cycles in the game and many quests. There are regular events and a thriving community that constantly works to improve the game.

Pokémon Blaze online

The best Pokémon MMOs created by fans The best Pokémon MMOs created by fansImage via Pokémon Blaze Online

Pokémon Blaze Online is unique in that it is an almost entirely new Pokémon experience. This MMO is ideal for people who want to get away from the cookie cutter type Pokémon experience. While Blaze has all the same Pokémon, including some added Pokémon Sun and Moon, it offers a completely new unique region for players to explore. This region features new opponents, new gyms, new stories and more. The game has a thriving community and a unique stat system.

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