Top 5 August mobile games

Top 5 August mobile games

1. Dead cells

An old school pixel art action platform - need I say more? Dead Cells, Motion Twin's incredible new take on genre blending, has crossed all limits. Including all platform versions of the game, the game has sold over 2 million units and was nominated for the “Best Indie Game” award at the 2018 Ping Awards. It also won second place for IGN's Best Action Game at the 2017 Awards. The title ultimately won the "Best Action Game" award at the 2018 Golden Joystick Awards and won numerous other awards and nominations.

This is a 'roguevania' at best, but the subtle nuances mixed with some crazy, unique action and flavor of this game make for a totally epic experience across all platforms. Top Motion Twin brands for the development and release of Dead Cells, the roguelike-Metroidvania!

One Punch Man Video Game - Need we say more? This title was developed by OASIS GAMES and is a great example of how an adaptation of original material should be handled. For the One Punch Man: The Road to Hero mobile game, OASIS used the original creators and the original voice cast. And, the game follows the entire story of the manga and anime, chapter by chapter. Of course, he expands the story a bit by exploring some secondary characters. In addition, the game has various modes and a lot of content, so it's not about Saitama destroying everything in one fell swoop. Lots of fun and true to the

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