Best Intel Processors • Buying Guide (September 2022)

  • Best Intel Processors • Buying Guide (September 2022)
    • Intel® Core i3-12100F

    • Processor without integrated graphics to get started
    • Socket FCLGA1170
    • 4 Colors 8 Theads
    • 10nm production process
    Best Intel Processors • Buying Guide (September 2022) Best Intel Processors • Buying Guide (September 2022) Best Intel Processors • Buying Guide (September 2022)
    • Intel® Core i5 12600KF

    • The right choice for those who only do gaming
    • Socket FCLGA1170
    • 10 Colors 16 Theads
    • 10nm production process
    Best Intel Processors • Buying Guide (September 2022) Best Intel Processors • Buying Guide (September 2022)

    What are the delivery times? best intel processors currently on the market? Are they cheaper than AMD processors?

    We have already explained what the cpu is and how it works but, if you are trying to assemble a pc and you do not know which processor to buy, here you will find answers to these questions and certainly others that will come to you later!

    Below I leave you the index that will allow you to browse freely and quickly within the guide on best Intel processors:

    • Introduction
    • Socket & Chipset
    • Specifications
    • Differences i3, i5, i7 and i9
    • Differences with AMD
    • Buying guide - economic range
    • Buying guide - mid-range
    • Buyer's guide - high-end

    Best Intel Processors • Buying Guide

    Best Intel Processors • Buying Guide (September 2022)

    Any computer enthusiast has certainly heard, at least sometimes, of the Californian company called Intel and its domination of the market for processors in the last few years.

    Their microprocessors they have always enjoyed great fame for theirs reliability and for the excellent ones performance, especially since the introduction of the bands Intel Core I3/I5/I7 which still persists today.

    The most recent news is the band occupied by I9, processors designed to offer maximum performance both in the field of Gaming that of the productivity, surpassed only by fascia extreme which is made up of processors with a number of core e thread unusually high dedicated especially to enthusiasts for the high price range at which they are.

    Despite Intel has not seen major improvements in the last period, taking into account the giant steps made instead by the rival AMD with the 3 and 5 series of the range Ryze, the one on which the market drives the most remains certainly between the two.

    Let's now look specifically at the most important features of the processors intel.

    Best Intel Processors • Socket and Chipset

    With the twelfth generation Intel "Alder lake-s"There has been a real technological revolution, both for the actual structure of the chips and for the implementation of new standards for socket e chipset.

    Once again, therefore, change the platform, on which these processors will be installed, not making them backwards compatible with motherboards of previous generations, exclusively supporting mobo with socket LGA 1700, also due to the long-awaited transition to production process at 10nm.

    Of course, the chipset, updated to 600 series, which features the brand new ones Z690, which finally give the possibility to mount the new DDR5 RAM e PCI-e 5.0 memories, effectively positioning itself a step above the competition.

    Fortunately, Intel has seen us along and has gone to meet those who already have excellent desks RAM DDR4, they did not want to spend the price of technological innovation while maintaining the compatibility of some mobos with “old” generation RAM.

    To make sure you know which motherboard to choose, take a look at our detailed guide for both intel processors than for amd processors.

    Best Intel Processors • Buying Guide (September 2022)

    As for the CPUs of the series Extreme The previous standards are maintained, for now, but the arrival of a new generation based on architecture is quite certain Alder lake.

    A novelty that deserves to be taken into consideration is the innovative relationship between core e thread in each processor.

    If you used to count 1 before thread for each core (or 2 in case of multithreading support), now le CPU are made up of P-Core, o Performance Core, ed E-Core, ie cores dedicated to increasing their efficiency.

    Best Intel Processors • Technical Specifications

    Surely one of the questions you will have asked yourself is: on the basis of which features should i choose a certain processor over another?

    Well first of all you have to consider yours budget and once you have established how much you can choose based onutilization you need to do with your PC and according to the Datasheet of the processors you are going to see.

    So now I'm going to list the specifications to take into account when choosing the processor.

    • Core: It's about the operating units that make up the processor, and currently this number goes by 4 to 8 on the end CPUs mainstream and also reaches i 32 on processors for enthusiasts.
      • P-Core: cores dedicated to performance optimization
      • E-Core: cores indicated for obtaining greater efficiency
    • Operating frequency: It is measured in GHz and it is the speed at which the processor operates. Obviously, the higher the number, the higher the number computing power. It usually has a base and also a ceiling, which depends on the operations to be done and the processor temperature.
    • Production process: is measured in nanometers and indicates the size of the transistor that make up the processor. Transistor smaller allow lower consumption and the possibility of inserting other transistors inside the processor and increasing its power. THE best intel processors at the moment they are made a 14nm.
    • cache: It's a kind of very fast memory which serves to facilitate access to the data and instructions contained in the RAM. There are 3 types of cache: L1, L2 and L3, sorted by increasing capacity and decreasing speed.
    • Integrated graphics: This is the video card some processors have, and which uses a defined part of the RAM of the pc. It can also be integrated into chipset of the motherboards.
    • overclock: Practice aimed at performance improvement and that consists in increasing the frequency on which the processor works, which should be done if it is well cooled.

    Best intel processors • Differences between i3, i5, i7 and i9

    Given the large number of processors Intel on the market it is easy to get confused, and often you do not know which one to choose according to your needs.

    Well, by making a simple division into ranges we can identify 3 price / performance ranges: low, medium and high.

    La low end is occupied by i3: these are processors with a number of core e thread lower than the others, currently both equal to 4, designed for less complex operations. To be clear, they are designed for everyday use so unsuitable for gaming or content creation unless it is a task that does not require high performance.

    Best Intel Processors • Buying Guide (September 2022)

    With regard to the middle band it is occupied by i5: cpu equipped with 6 cores and 6 threads and designed to offer excellent performance especially in the field Gaming, but also suitable for graphic design work. Processors are recommended for those who want to assemble a performing machine at a fairly low price, which as regards the Gaming they have little to envy to their older brothers.

    - i7 and i9 finally occupy the high-end, the one dedicated to best intel processors, and are suitable for carrying out any type of operation without problems.

    With the XNUMXth generation Intel switch completely to multithreading ed hyperthreading, with the i7 with 8 core e 16 thread and i9 characterized by ben 10 core e 20 thread.

    Let's go now to see the differences that exist with the counterparts AMD.

    Best Intel processors • Differences with AMD

    In the last few years Intel has always had the dominance of the market, as the alternatives of AMD processors have never been valid enough: in fact the old FX di AMD they were, so to speak, heaters.

    They had a High TDP and they warmed up easily, they had only the number of on their side core as it was equal to 8 even on more affordable processors.

    However Intel recovered this latter disadvantage with the increase of core available in the cpu di tenth generation, going to fill the difference that there was in the field of productivity and to confirm its dominance on the market.

    This domination was questioned only with the advent of the Ryze, as the progress made by AMD allowed the creation of processors as good as the Intel if not superior in certain aspects: in fact the processors Intel they are even more performing in the single core thanks to higher frequencies, and are able to perform at their best in the field Gaming.

    An advantage that, however, must be recognized AMD it is the one in the field of productivity, since when all the core i Ryze they manage to perform marginally better than their counterpart.

    Best Intel processors • Budget range

    In low end the processors of the serie i3, components able to offer fair performance both as regards Gaming and productivity at a low price.

    The products an entry level however, they do not have the option of overclock as they keep a multiplier locked, however, there is the option of boost del clock base which earns a few more points in performance.

    Intel i3 12100F

    Best Intel Processors • Buying Guide (September 2022)

    First of all the small Intel i3 12100F, a processor that improves its positioning year by year in terms of rapporto qualità / prezzo.

    Playing becomes more and more affordable for everyone with this new one i3, which, equipped with 4 core ed 8 thread, still manages to give you satisfaction if you do not have big claims.

    Basically it remains very similar to the previous version, were it not for greater energy efficiency (TDP 58W) ei 4 P-Core renewed that reach i 4.3GHz.

    Moreover, the fact that it can be combined with the new ones DDR5 and memories PCI-e 5.0 it greatly improves the life expectancy of this processor an entry level.

    Best Intel processors • Mid-range

    for middle band some solutions of the series would be included Intel i5, great for Gaming to an excellent rapporto qualità / prezzo.

    For this range I will go to offer you the undisputed king of the gaming category, theIntel i5 12600K.

    Intel I5 12400

    Best Intel Processors • Buying Guide (September 2022)

    Who said that for play at highs framerate you must necessarily have a processor overclockabile?

    That must be what the engineers at Intel when they drew theIntel I5 12400, arguably Intel's best processor when it comes to low-mid-range gaming setups.

    It is in fact the version "Minor" of Intel I5 12600k, therefore without the possibility to do overclock and the 4 e-cores of the older brother.

    However, let's talk about a gaming processor with 6 p-core e 12 thread- Ideal for playing virtually any title out there.

    Il best before date of the CPU is given from i 65 ei 117 watts, so a processor that basically goes to to compete with l 'AMD Ryzen 5 5600, version "smooth" of the 5600x.

    Having the multiplier blocked, we can reach al maximum un turbo boost a 4.4 GHz, anyway sufficient to play high framerate any video game, even triple A's.

    Intel i5 12600KF

    Best Intel Processors • Buying Guide (September 2022)

    Now famous in the world of pc gaming, archenemy of the Ryzen 5 5600X, thei5 the concept of low-cost gaming.

    As it is conceived, this Intel core i5 12600KF is positioned on a par with its big brothers in terms of in-game performance, a truly stunning result considering that it costs almost half of an i7!

    It is finally the first to bring back the features of the new series Alder lake-s: 6 P-Core, 4 E-Core e 16 thread, far surpassing the previous model.

    Intel has done a really great job in terms of optimization thanks to the differentiation of processes, keeping the TDP unchanged a 125W.

    In fact, the increase in clock available with the multiplier unlocked, considering that some luckier versions can reach 5 GHz, a peak that was only touched by i7 until not so long ago.

    Best Intel processors • high-end

    Finally, there is the highest end for the consumer category, a series of components that allow you not to have to give up anything and enjoy maximum performance.

    There are CPU designed for offer the best both in Gaming in that productivity, especially for anyone who deals with photo editing, video o graphics.

    We present what we believe are the solutions for i7 ed i9, currently the best available on the market.

    Let's kick off the dances!

    Intel i7 12700KF

    Best Intel Processors • Buying Guide (September 2022)

    The first to captain the processors Intel for the consumer market it is the timeless i7 12700KF, not in the K version because you are going to save something while maintaining the same performance.

    I don't think it needs any introduction but, given that this year it hasn't been renewed only in appearance, I think it is appropriate to deepen.

    12 core overall, of which 8 Performance Core e 4 Efficency Core, accompanied by well 20 thread virtual, like an old generation i9 so to speak.

    The performances are top of the range, especially if used in the productivity and field editing/rendering: manages to maintain a stability of 5GHz on each core, thanks to the new production process at 10nm.

    In this case, however, i consumption they might not be quite content, considering that it could reach 190W fully loaded.

    Intel i9 12900KF

    Best Intel Processors • Buying Guide (September 2022)

    You always find it last but it actually ranks first in the food pyramid of processors, Intel Core i9 12900KF.

    Also in this case we suggest the version KF trusting that you will combine it with one Video Card of equal scope.

    Also this time there is very little to say as they are the performance to speak:

    8 P-Core, 8 E-Core, For a total of 16 core physical and well 24 thread, the new i9 12900KF it is finally on the same wave line as the current ones Intel Xeon, at a much lower price.

    Once again he surpasses himself with his own 5.2 GHZ maximum clock on each core, actually 3.9GHz for the Efficiency Core that give him that extra boost when performances have already reached their peak.

    Exaggerated for Gaming, never enough for editing e 3D rendering, this processor leaves no room for regrets, designed for those who want to have maximum performance from their PC.

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