Control: Guide to the best abilities

Control: Guide to the best abilities

As you play through Control, you will discover various power items that will grant you new abilities. Each new ability can give you a new way to complete a challenge, but some of them are just more useful than others. In this guide, we'll talk about the abilities that represent the greatest ROI in terms of ability point spending.

Control: Best Ability Guide


Health is a solid place to park ability points. While the game didn't seem that hard to me, there are definitely some spikes that you'll want more health for. While learning how to use your powers well will help you a lot in most fights, there are times when having more health will give you leeway.


Energy is a very important statistic and absolutely worth maximizing. Energy gives you more possibilities to use your powers and generally maximizes the interest factor of the game. I suggest ranking this one all the way.


Throwing was my primary means of offensive in the game, as I love to throw items at enemies with my mind. It also features some very interesting breaking points, which are important to consider for abilities that deal damage. Your first upgrade does 25% more damage, but upgrades are worth 50% damage. I would suggest upgrading this ability depending on the level of enemies you face. You want it to be good-looking and strong to take out shields in a shit, which allows you to finish off targets with your weapon, but you don't want to level it up too much sooner, as those points could be better spent elsewhere.


The shield is essential in countering some of the threats in the game, especially those weird energy birds that deal massive explosive damage. You only need to upgrade it once. However, with just one upgrade, it will stand up to the biggest hits in the game, but you'll have to recast a lot of things, which is why you put so many points into Energy.


I like Seize and found it extremely useful, but upgrading it wasn't really necessary. As a rule, it will be good to grab an enemy, because it will give you a great distraction, and when it drops, you can just grab a new one.


I didn't improve the scrum at all and didn't regret it. It's good for freeing up space if you're stuck, but you don't want to try and get close enough to most threats to really make him the primary damage dealer.


To avoid damage, all I'll say about Levitate is that you don't need to update it to complete the story, but update it to uncover all the secrets of the game.

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