Final Fantasy VII Remake – Guida al boss Airbuster

Final Fantasy VII Remake revisits all the boss battles in the game, making them more complicated and interesting. This time it's up to Airbuster, the boss of sector 5, let's see how to defeat him.

In order to proceed without too much difficulty, we advise you to exploit the materials, level up your party e use the best weapons available at that time.

The guide may still contain material in English or slight inaccuracies, which we invite you to report in the comments!


Final Fantasy VII Remake – Guida al boss Airbuster

The Airbuster is the boss in sector 5. It mainly uses ranged weapons and is weak against thunder-type attacks. In addition, he can switch to Tankbuster mode which allows him to fire laser blasts.

Boss stats


Airbuster attacks

How to defeat him

Final Fantasy VII Remake – Guida al boss Airbuster

Airbuster, like all machine enemies, is weak against the Thunder-type, so use spells and attacks from that element to deal a lot of damage to it.

This is the first boss fight that will be influenced by the choices made during the first visit of Reactor 5. In fact, during this phase, you will find six magnetic keys with which you can remove some parts of the boss's armaments.

Removing AI cores reduces movement speed and the ability to use stun attacks. The removal of the Big Bomber bullets will prevent the boss from using explosions and finally, the removal of the M unit will reward you with random items.

You will have free choice on what to remove, we advise you to remove the Big Bomber bullets.

Final Fantasy VII Remake – Guida al boss Airbuster

Phase 1

In this phase use Cloud and limit yourself to attack and block, worrying only about the EM mines.

If you get close to the enemy, be careful because at some point he could attack you with an electric blast, so after landing a couple of blows back quickly to be able to avoid this attack.

Remember to take advantage of thunder-type spells so you can take advantage of the boss's weakness. At one point the boss targets Barret and Tifa, at that moment you will have a chance to get close with Cloud. Remember to be careful of the enemy's electrical attacks.

Continue the fight and, at a certain point, the enemy's arms will split, generating many electrical discharges. As soon as you see this, try to stay away so as not to take much damage.

Phase 2

Once in the second phase of the fight, Airbuster will move away, so switch to Barret to be able to make ranged attacks, also try to charge the ATB meter to be able to use the Overload ability.

As you face him, try to fill up Cloud and Tifa's two ATB bars so that she can use special attacks when she's down.

Final Fantasy VII Remake – Guida al boss Airbuster

Finally, this battle forces you to defeat him within 21 minutes, after which he will automatically be Game Over. If you take advantage of the abilities, the Limit Break and the spells you should not have any particular problems.

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