[Guide] | Resident Evil 2 Remake: Get All Collectibles

[Guide] | Resident Evil 2 Remake: Get All Collectibles

If you are already venturing into the maze of the Raccoon City Police Station, you should know where and how to collect the huge number of collectible items in the Resident Evil 2 Remake .


Capcom's survival horror has 127 collectables, divided into different types, including weapons. Below is a list of all the items you'll find in the game:

  • 15 Mr. Raccoon
  • 8 safes and deposit boxes
  • 6 Bags to expand your inventory
  • 58 Documents
  • 2 Portable safes
  • 32 Key Objects
  • 6 Maps
  • 9 Weapons to collect

It goes without saying that a trophy is attached to almost every type of collectible:

  • Hiker - Expand your inventory slots to the maximum
  • Avid reader - Read all documents
  • Raccoon Hunting - Destroy a Mr. Raccoon
  • Extinct species - Destroy all Mr. Raccoon
  • Blacksmith - Open all safes and locks in the game

If you are looking for any of these achievements, follow the steps in our guide to find out how to find them all.

How to find all the collectible items of Resident Evil 2 Remake

As you will have understood, not all the collectibles in the game are directly linked to a trophy. However, almost all of them will come in handy for you to complete your searches; the same weapons and key items may be needed to find certain items.

As already pointed out in our previous guides, we Resident Evil 2 Remake can control two characters: Leon and Claire, each of whom will have two different scenarios to complete.

Our advice is to start your first run using Leon, as some collectible items will only be available from him, and some key items are different. Also, it is advisable to run this run at the "Assisted" difficulty level, the lowest. The reason is soon said: from about halfway through the game, Mr. X will start hunting you, complicating your search quite a bit. At the level of difficulty mentioned, however, his movements will be slow, making it possible to collect all the collectibles without too much anxiety.

This guide will list all collectible items in chronological order, divided according to Scenarios A and B of the two protagonists. In addition, all collectible items linked to a trophy will be marked with an inventory

  • 58 Documents
  • 2 Portable safety deposit boxes
  • 32 Key objects (needed to reach certain collectibles)
  • 6 Maps (necessary to better understand where to find certain collectible items)
  • 9 Weapons to collect
  • Remember that, to keep your "collection" under control, you will find three items in the game menu that will tell you how many collectible items you have found so far.

    If you have problems with any of the collectible items in any of the scenarios, please see the attached video.

    How to find all of Leon's collectible items [Scenario A]

    All of Leon's collectible items in Scenario A.

    In Leon's Scenario A you will find:

    • 6/6 Bags to expand inventory
    • 40/58 Documents
    • 11/15 Mr. Raccoon
    • 8/8 Safes and padlocks
    • 2/2 Portable safety deposit boxes
    • 32/32 Key Objects
    • 6/6 Maps
    • 3/9 Weapons to collect

    Here are all the collectibles available in chronological order. For any clarification, watch the attached video.

    [Document #1] [Available only in Leon's campaign] Letter for Leon (in Leon's inventory)
    [Document #2] Officer's Lockdown (Guard Room, First Floor)
    [Key Item #1] Lion Medallion (Lion Statue)
    [Document #3] Document (Operation Room)
    [Map #1] Map of the First Floor of the Police Headquarters
    [Document #4] [Available only in Leon's campaign] Gunpowder Uses (Office West)
    [Document #5] Report (Office West)
    [Document #6] First Assignment (Office West)
    [Safes #1 and #2]
    [Safe #3]
    [Bag #1]
    [Mr. Raccoon #1] Positioned above the closets of the West Wing Office on the ground floor.
    [Document #7] Memo (Security Room, First Floor)
    [Document #8] Benefits of Medicinal Herbs (Darkroom, Foreground)
    [Safe #4]
    [Document #9] Instructions Portable Safe Deposit Boxes (Showers, Second Floor)
    [Portable safe deposit box #1]
    [Safe #5]
    [Key Object #2] Blue Key (Spade Seed Key)
    [Document #10] Note for Survivors (Western Closet, Third Floor)
    [Bag #2]
    [Document #11] A Boy's Cupcakes (Western Closet, Third Floor)
    [Map #2] Map of the Upper Plans of the Police Headquarters
    [Key Item #3] Unicorn Medallion (Statue of the Unicorn)
    [Document #12] Brochure (Waiting Room, Second Floor)
    [Safe #6]
    [Document #13] Article "The Red Stone" (Art Room, Second Floor)
    [Key Item #4] Weapons Locker Card
    [Weapon] [Available only in Leon's campaign] W-870 Shotgun
    [Key Item #5] Cutters
    [Key Item #6] Round Knob
    [Key Object #7] Electrical Components
    [Key Item #8] Battery
    [Document #14] Note (S.T.A.R.S. Office, Second Floor)
    [Mr. Raccoon #2] Hidden in the S.T.A.R.S. Office on the Second Floor (West Wing), between a monitor and a box, near a computer.
    [Key Object #9] Electronic Accessory
    [Key Item #10] Medallion of the Goddess (Statue of the Goddess)
    [Bag #3]
    [Map #3] [Available only in Leon's campaign] Police Station Map B1
    [Document #15] [Available only in Leon's campaign] Electric Panel Note (next to Ben's cell)
    [Key Item #11] [Available in Leon's campaign only] Tool
    [Document #16] Autopsy 53477 (Morgue)
    [Key Object #12] Purple Key (Key in the shape of a square seed)
    [Key object #13] Electronic component
    [Document #17] Equipment Disposal Notice (Shooting Range)
    [Document #18] Message from Mr. Raccoon (Shooting Range Door)
    [Mr. Raccoon #3] You'll find him inside the basement of the Shooting Range.
    [Key Object #14] Box / Machine Key
    [Mr. Raccoon #4] [Available only in Leon's countryside] Hidden in the last window of the small dead-end corridor beyond the Clock Tower on the Third Floor (West Wing).
    [Key Object #15] Electronic Component
    [Mr. Raccoon #5] Behind a bag, right next to the mirror in the ground-floor room (East Wing).
    [Key Item #16] Big Gear
    [Subject Key #17] [Available only in Leon's campaign] Green Key (Flower Seed Key)
    [Key Item #18] Red Book
    [Key Item #19] Left Arm of the Statue / Left Arm with Book / Scepter / Red Jewel
    [Key Item #20] Bejeweled casket / S.T.A.R.S. badge.
    [Document #19] Confiscation Report (Observation Room, Foreground)
    [Document #20] Letter to S.T.A.R.S. Members (S.T.A.R.S. Office Closet, Second Floor)
    [Weapon] [Available only in Leon's campaign] Lightning Hawk Magnum
    [Portable safe deposit box #2]
    [Bag #4]
    [Key Item #21] Tool
    [Document #21] Repair Plan (Clock Tower, Third Floor)
    [Mr. Raccoon #6] On the low table, in front of the Office of the Commissioner of the Second Pain (East Wing).
    [Key Item #22] [Available in Leon's campaign only] Box Gear / Small Gear / Electronic Component in Box / Electronic Component
    [Document #22] [Available only in Leon's campaign] Ben's Note (Ben's Cell)
    [Document #23] [Available only in Leon's campaign] Interview Recording (Ben's Cell)
    [Key Item #23] [Available only in Leon's campaign] Parking Card
    [Mr. Raccoon #7] [Available only in Leon's campaign]
    [Document #24] [Available only in Leon's campaign] Weekly Inspection (Week 1) (In the room after the first fan)
    [Mr. Raccoon #8] [Available only in Leon's campaign] You'll find him in the Sewers, after escaping the Alligator, before climbing the ladder.
    [Document #25] [Available only in Leon's campaign] Weekly Inspection (Week 2) (At the top of the stairs, near the incinerator)
    [Document #26] Email to the Umbrella (In the Upper Sewer Control Room)
    [Safe #7]
    [Map #4] Map of the Sewers
    [Document #27] Brochure (in the Monitor Room)
    [Document #28] Unlocking the door (in the Monitor Room)
    [Key Object #24] T-Bar Valve Handle Tool
    [Document #29] Delivery receipt (in the cable car platform)
    [Safe #8] Sewers (intermediate) (Treatment room)
    [Subject Key #25] Sewer Key
    [Mr. Raccoon #9] Next to the incinerator door (Ada Wong).
    [Key Item #26] Queen Shaped Plug / King Shaped Thorn
    [Weapon] [Available only in Leon's campaign] Chemical Flame Thrower
    [Bag #5]
    [Document #30] Jazz Festival Flyer (in the Upper Sewer Break Room)
    [Key Item #27] Tower-shaped plug

    [Document #31] Register (in NEST Reception)
    [Document #32] Wristband ID (in NEST Reception)
    [Map #5] Research Lab North Area Map
    [Mr. Raccoon #10] In the corridor connecting the Lower Secondary Sewer Canal to the Stockroom.
    [Key Object #28] Electronic Chip/ID Bracelet
    [Document #33] Special Forces Registration (in the corridor, North NEST area)
    [Key Object #29] Dispersal Cartridge (Solution)
    [Document #34] Herbicide Synthesis (in the Test Laboratory)
    [Map #6] Map of the East Area of the Research Lab
    [Document #35] Note (South of Lobby)
    [Key Object #30] Signal Modulator
    [Document #36] Wayne Li's mail (in the low temperature testing lab)
    [Key Item #31] Dispersal Cartridge (Herbicide)
    [Key Object #32] ID Bracelet (Senior Staff)
    [Document #37] Byron Cartwrights' Mail (in the Presentation Room)
    [Bag #6]
    [Mr. Raccoon #11] In the NEST Lab Cafeteria, just before climbing the stairs.
    [Document #38] Note by Wayne Li (in the break room)
    [Document #39] William Birkin's Mail (in Biotest Lab).
    [Document #40] Research Journal (in the last lab)

    How to find all of Claire's collectible items [Scenario A].

    Right after you complete the first run with Leon, all you have to do is start the game with Claire again. We remind our readers that all of the following items will only be available during Claire's campaign. Here is a list of collectible items that you can get with this character:

    • 12/58 Documents
    • 3/15 Mr. Raccoon
    • 4/9 Weapons to collect

    Here are all the collectibles available in chronological order:

    [Document #41] Best friend letter (you'll find it in Claire's inventory)
    [Document #42] Gunpowder Uses (Foreground)
    [Weapon] GM 79 Grenade launcher
    [Weapon] MQ 11 Submachine Gun SMG
    [Document #43] Raccoon Monthly, June issue (in the elevator control room).
    [Weapon] JMB Hp3 Laser Sight Pistol
    [Document #44] Email to Chief Irons (in Chief's office, second floor)
    [Document #45] Register (in the chief's office, second floor)
    [Document #46] Letter from the Repair Shop (in the Private Room Collection, first floor)
    [Mr. Raccoon #12] On a shelf inside the locked room with the Heart Key on the south side of the East Depot (3rd floor).
    [Document #47] Sally's Diaro (in the second floor hallway, after leaving the bedroom) (you can get it as Sherry)
    [Document #48] Tom's Diaro (in the lobby, first floor) (you can get it as Sherry)
    [Document #49] Diary of... (in the Director's Room, first floor)
    [Mr. Raccoon #13] Inside the bus just before reaching the Orphanage, on the dashboard.
    [Mr. Raccoon #14] In the Baby Room at the Orphanage, on the low shelf near the door.
    [Document #50] Letter (in bathroom, first floor)
    [Document #51] Report in the sewer office,
    [Weapon] Spark Shot
    [Document #52] Important Notice NEST (in the Security Room)

    How to find all of Leon's collectibles [Scenario B].

    After completing scenario A of Claire, you will unlock scenario B of Leon, where you will find the following collectibles:

    • 4/58 Documents
    • 1/15 Mr. Raccoon
    • 1/9 Weapons to collect

    Here are all the collectibles available in chronological order:

    [Mr. Raccoon #15] In the bushes right at the start of the campaign.
    [Weapon] [Available only in Leon's Scenario B] M19 Pistol
    [Document #53] Ripped Sheet (Watch Room, First Floor)
    [Document #54] Notebook with missing page (Central Hall)
    [Document #55] [Available only in Leon's Scenario B] Note from Claire (in S.T.A.R.S. office).
    [Document #56] [Available only in Leon's Scenario B] Claire's Note (in the Treatment Room)

    How to find all of Claire's collectible items [Scenario B].

    Here we are at the last run to collect all the collectibles in Resident Evil 2 Remake . Here's what you'll find in Scenario B of Claire:

    • 2/58 Documents
    • 1/9 Weapons to collect

    Here are all the collectibles available in chronological order:

    [Weapon] [Available only in Claire's B-scenario] Quickdraw Army
    [Document #57] [Available only in Claire's scenario B] Leon's note (in S.T.A.R.S. office, first floor)
    [Document #58] [Available only in Claire's Scenario B] Leon's Note (in the Treatment Room)

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