Guide Two Point Hospital - How to Earn Kudosh Points

Guide Two Point Hospital - How to Earn Kudosh Points

KUDOSH currency is one of the many factors you need to take into account when managing your hospital Two Point Hospital . The currency (also called K Points) is difficult to find initially, but it is also essential to improve patients' lives. Let's find out how you can get this rare currency.

What are Kudosh in Two Point Hospital

Kudosh in Two Point Hospital is the secondary currency of the game that gives you access to new items. It is separated from the money that is used to build items. Think of it as a premium currency in a free-to-play game, however, remember that Two Point Hospital it has no microtransactions within it. Regardless of the level or hospital you're in, your amount of Kudosh allows you to add additional items to your facility. Most likely you'll use them on other special items like an arcade cabin cruiser, rather than basic necessities like bathrooms. Unlocked items will also be available in all future levels, so don't worry about spending your hard-earned K Points.

How to get Kudosh points in Two Point Hospital

The easiest way to earn Kudosh is by playing the game naturally. For example, when health inspectors visit and see that your hospital is in good condition, you will earn Kudosh. In addition, facing hospital emergencies will also earn you some Kudosh.

But there is a way to earn Kudosh in a faster way: through the completion of career goals. These are various goals that you will have to achieve during the game, for example, earn a certain amount of money. Career goals can be found in the 'Career' tab of the map screen at the bottom left. Many of these career goals can be completed at the first level, so it should be easy to complete them before you need special items for the next levels.

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