How to get and use the Parametric Transformer

With 1.3 came a new tool that can be used once a week which you can easily get in game. As the use of the Parametric Transformer is limited getting it as soon as possible is a good idea!

What is the Parametric Transformer used for?

This gadget allows you to exchange resources that you have in excess for other resources that usually cost resins (xp books for example)

To use it, you will have to go to your gadget menu and use the "place" button. You will then have to select resources until you reach a score of 150 (the score of each resource depends on its rarity) then launch a succession of elemental attacks on the transformer!

Start the quest to obtain

Go to Liyue and talk to Lan. She will give you a quest and ask you to go to another position in Liyue.

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