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The PDF format is particularly popular on the Net and in particular for exchanging documents, whether they consist of text, images or any data. Thus, it is not uncommon to end up with very compact files, with multiple pages. It may then be interesting to divide them into several documents.

With this tutorial, we explain how to split a PDF using PDF Creator or online.

Split PDF with PDF Creator

  1. Download PDF Creator Software. It is free and easy to install: just follow the instructions given by the designer.

  2. Once this step is completed, open PDF file you want to split. Note the pages to keep of the last. Then use the keyboard shortcut CTRL+P or click File and Print.

  3. In the drop-down menu Imprimantechoose PDF Creator.

  4. See you now in the Pages to print section. Select l'option Pages and enter the field the numbers of the pages to split, that is, the pages you want to appear in a new PDF document.

  5. Then click Print.

  6. A PDF Creator dialog box will appear. If necessary, rename your PDF file, then click on the green button Save.

The PDF document is now split into two files.

Split PDF Online

  1. Go to an online tool like SmallPdf. Click on Choose File.

  2. Select the PDF document you want to split and click Open.

  3. On the right, choose one of these two options: Extract each page in PDF ou Select the pages to extract. So click on the one that suits you.

  4. Then click on the button Choose an option.

  5. If you have opted for manual page selection, you will then be able to select the desired pages. Then, all you have to do is click on Split PDF. If you chose to extract each page, you just have to wait a few moments.

  6. Finally, click Download the file to save your new PDF to your computer!

These two techniques, although a little time-consuming, allow you to split a PDF for free. But by going through Adobe Acrobat Pro, you will also have this functionality available. Provided you pay the price of a monthly subscription!

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