Resident Evil 7 - Character Guide

    Resident Evil 7 - Character Guide

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    Our guide dedicated to Resident Evil VII:

    Capcom has undoubtedly done an excellent job with the characters and enemies in Resident Evil VII. The player is confronted with incredible monstrosities and has to deal with psychopaths, abominations and loathsome creatures. The aim of this guide is to identify the main characteristics of the protagonists and members of the Baker family: in this way you'll be better prepared for what awaits you and you'll be able to act accordingly. Ready to join the family? Let's get started:

    Ethan Winters: the protagonist of Resident Evil VII, a man in his thirties who has spent some difficult years. His life changes after receiving a video from a woman, his wife, who he believed to be long dead. Hope and the need for knowledge drive Ethan on a terrible journey full of pain, suffering and danger. We're talking about a man who's willing to risk everything to bring his wife home, but we're not dealing with the classic hero without stain and without fear. Ethan is often terrified by what is happening in the house (who wouldn't be?) but a little bit out of willpower and a little bit out of desperation he manages to go on, going deeper and deeper into the darkness...

    Mia Winters: the key to everything, the woman without whom this adventure would make no sense. She is the one who in theory sends the video to Ethan, she is the one who pushes him to risk his life and she is the one who came in contact with the horrors of the house first. We don't know much about Mia's past, but according to the video we see at the beginning of the game and some statements we think she is sincerely in love with Ethan... The feeling you get is that this woman just happened to be in the wrong place at the wrong time. This character is much weaker than Ethan and in the sections where the player has the ability to control her you have to resort to stealth and improvised hiding places. Mia is certainly characterized very well and we are sure that she will convince even the most skeptical players.

    Jack Baker: This character, known as Dad, is the head of the Baker family, a group of seemingly immortal psychopaths ready to make your life a living hell. Jack is crazy, but he seems genuinely attached to his family and the role he plays within it. We're talking about a gruff man, aware of his own power and willing to do anything to carry out his mission... He may be the most sadistic of the Baker members and has a strong tendency to self-harm, but it's precisely this aspect that makes him tremendously dangerous. Jack is the first family member you will come into contact with, and we assure you it will not be a particularly pleasant encounter...

    Marguerite Baker: The craziest character in the game, an extremely vulgar woman who has a strong sense of family. According to what she says in her lines of dialogue, Marguerite seems convinced that the protagonists must accept the "gift" without making a fuss and cannot understand the reasons for such reluctance. She has an unpleasant tendency to appear an inch from your face all of a sudden and does not appreciate guests who do not like her cooking at all.

    Marguerite is strongly linked to insect-like creatures that roam the villa and is apparently able to control them at will, perhaps not the most violent or the most dangerous member of the family, but she is undoubtedly the most disturbing.

    Lucas Baker: the homeboy, a young man apparently like all the others who can be considered as the shame of the Baker family. Perhaps the least interesting member, he has no particular aspects that make him unique or unforgettable but it's still fun to see him in action. Mr. Baker tries to educate him in a very hard way by also resorting to mutilation, but the good Lucas seems not to be too interested and prefers to devote himself to something else.

    Camille Baker: a pretty old lady stuck in a wheelchair, a family member who literally froze our blood with her apparent calm and tranquility. While Jack yells, Marguerite screams and Lucas laughs, she is there, with a strange smile drawn on her face and an eye lost in the void. In the course of the adventure, you'll be able to get in close contact with her... unfortunately!

    Zoe: The absolute most mysterious character in the whole game, a real lifeline for Ethan. She is the one who contacts our desperate protagonist by phone and she is always the one who gives the necessary tips to get out of that hell. We do not intend to say more because we would make heavy spoilers, but the character of Zoe is undoubtedly right and manages to capture the attention of the players right away.

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