Valheim - How to level up by jumping quickly

Valheim - How to level up by jumping quickly

How to improve your jumping and running skills.

Just like in our guide to quickly improving your weapon skills, we need to create a training area to start our training. Create any house, anywhere, or just use the one you've already built, if it has room for the following setup. Place a campfire there, along a hole in the ceiling to let the smoke out, and go to the next step.

Walk up to a wall from inside the house and tie a large floor tile to it, whatever fits would, in a spot where it sits just above your character, horizontally. You need to be able to get under that tile, with a little extra space so you can jump under it as well, with our head hitting the bottom of it. Don't leave too much space though, as that's the point of this odd structure placement.

Fill up on the best food you have to increase your stamina gauge. Eat any combination that increases it a lot, and don't be afraid to waste it because it is so worth it.

Once all of the above is done, it's time to start our training. Go just below that tile and start spamming the jump button as quickly as possible, until your stamina is depleted. Then just wait two seconds for the gauge to be full again and start over.

Now you may be wondering, why should we proceed with this awkward setup, and not just jump around the huge biomes in Valheim? It's an option, yes, but our guide here explains how to level up quickly and efficiently. Having this tile over our head, it interrupts the full animation of the jump, speeding up the leveling process exponentially, in the long run. Also, if you want, you can combine running and jumping in one go. Keep running towards the wall, with your face hugging it, while jumping, and you'll kill two birds with one stone. Just note that the levels increase very slowly, so don't expect to level it too much this way unless you spend hours doing it.

Valheim is now available via Steam Early Access.

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