[1.10?] Observer

Today, Jeb tweeted a new clue, but one that is much more mysterious than the previous ones because it has no screenshot!

Hype train! @darngeek is working on a device that will act as a proper BUD block in MC:PE (PC eventually), currently called « Observer »

- Jens Bergensten (@jeb_) 2 May 2016


“Dose of excitement! @darngeek is working on a device that will act as a "BUD" block on MC:PE (and PC eventually) for now called "Observer"

(Darngeek is an MC:PE developer)

We therefore learn that on the portable version of Minecraft, a new “BUD” type block will be added, and that the PC version could just as well see this new device arrive! Indeed, it would not be the first time that a block is only available on the portable version!

Also remember that a "BUD" block is a block powered by redstone which can be activated under certain conditions when a full block is located next to it. Plungers, dispensers and droppers are among them.

Then comes, a few minutes later, a tweet from Tommaso Checchi, one of the main developers of the portable version of Minecraft, who announces a texture that he does not will not.

Here’s my rejected graphics for the Observer, because @darngeek has no artistic sensibility pic.twitter.com/p2JxCErFm4

- Tommaso Checchi (@_tomcc) 2 mai 2016

“Here is the graphic I reject for the Observer, because @darngeek has no artistic sensibility”

We therefore see a modified texture of the dropper and the dispenser that makes us think of a face. It is most likely that this is a simple troll because there is (still) a new texture relating to droppers.

A tweet from Jeb follows a few minutes ago:


@_tomcc Reddit knows, it knows! https://t.co/dun04gQ799

- Jens Bergensten (@jeb_) 2 May 2016

“Reddit knows, he knows! »

This texture materializes, maybe it will be its final texture, or just a troll that starts with tomcc and ends with Jeb! To have !

your ideas

This time, I won't give you my ideas on it which are very vague and uninteresting, so I ask you, again, to let me know your ideas and your suggestions about this block.

  • If craft-il?
    • If yes, how ?
    • If not how to get it?
  • What texture does it have?

And especially :

  • What is it used for ?

Your keyboards !


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