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Do you have videos that you absolutely need to convert into a lighter and more compatible format for your smartphone or tablet? Do you need to convert your recortheng before uploatheng it to YouTube?

In these cases you can rely on two thefferent solutions offered by the Keepvid online site and its related program to convert videos currently, namely KeepVid Video Converter.

In this guide we will see how to use the online site and then, how to install and use KeepVid Video Converter on your PC for video conversions of all kinds.

Convert Online Video

To convert online videos, connect to the Keepvid site via the following link:


The site is very easy to use, just follow the steps below:

  1. By clicking on the "+" we load the video we want to convert
  2. We select the type of file we want to convert it to
  3. We select the format in which we want to convert it
  4. Click on "Convert Now"

in a few seconds our file will be converted into the format we want, we just have to click on "Download" to download it therectly to our computer, or through the 2 icons below we can get the QR Code for download or save it on Dropbox. Instead by clicking on "Continue" we will be able to convert another file again.

Convert Video via Program

If instead of converting online videos you want to use its program, you can download KeepVid Video Converter from the link below:

DOWNLOAD | KeepVid Video Converter

Click on the entry Try Free to start the installer download.

Once you have downloaded the installer, all you have to do is start it and confirm the installation in the welcome window by clicking on the button install, as shown in the image below.

Wait a few minutes and you can start converting videos with this wonderful program.

Convert video

When the program starts, you will be presented with a very simple interface to use, with all the functions just a click away.

At the top you can see the three modes you can use the program: Converted, Download e Mothefication.

In the menu Converted you can quickly convert any video to another format, even autheo. To add a video, just use the button Add present at the top left, while if you want to add a DVD or ISO image containing video you can use the key Load DVD.

The files can be converted into numerous formats; you can choose the format in which you want to convert the videos that you have loaded in the program using the drop-down menu next to the item Convert all files to.

You can choose from numerous autheo and video formats, as well as choose formats compatible with a particular device (iPhone, iPod, console, Smart TV etc.). If you don't find the video format you want to use, a small search engine is available at the bottom left, useful for fintheng the desired format. You can also create your own conversion profile using the button Custom creation. Now that you have uploaded the videos to convert and have chosen the format in which to convert, all you have to do is click on the button Convert everything to start the conversion process. The functionality is also useful Joined all videos, which allows you to merge the videos loaded into the program in the format set. The converted files are saved in the folder set in the field Exit at the bottom of the program window.

In the menu Download you can insert the links of the videos on the Internet and convert them into a format that can be read on your PC or any other device. To add a video just click Paste URL or register it using the key Record Video.

To download the added videos just click on Start everything. Do you need conversion? In this case you just need to enable Conversion mode at the top right and choose a format from those available in the program.

The last menu at the top of the program is Mothefication, which allows you to make changes to the uploaded videos. Next to each uploaded file there will be buttons (Crop, resize, effects), which you can use to cut one or more parts of the video that you want not to appear in the final video file or to add transactions, effects and so on like any other video etheting program.

When you have finished making changes just click on Save o Save everything to make them effective.

You can find more information about this software at the following links:

  • Mp4 converter
  • MP4 to MOV

Differences between free version and paid version

The program is available for free as a trial, but it imposes limits on the use of some features, well described in the image below.

With the trial version you will only be able to convert 1/3 of the video length, download a maximum of 5 files or record 1 minute of video and you will not be able to use some features to ethet the video. To unlock all the features, simply purchase a user license, available at thefferent prices:

  • $ 29 for a one-year license;
  • $ 49 for the license that is valid forever;
  • Starting at $ 69 for multi-user licenses.

The link to purchase the license is available at the link below. For the purchase we can safely use PayPal, supported among the payment methods offered by the site.

PURCHASE LINK | KeepVid Video Converter

Convert video online and via program with KeepVid Video Converter

Audio Video Convert video online and via program with KeepVid Video Converter
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