Dauntless - The character guide

Dear readers of Binfogamer.com, today we offer you the guide to the characters of the new (and free) hunting game: Dauntless.

The beginner's guide to Ramsgate characters

Ramsgate is the town where all the Dauntless Slayers congregate, and is where we will find all of the main characters we will interact with. That's why we've decided to help new players find their way around this new adventure.

We wish you a good viewing and we hope this guide will be useful to you!

Katerin Sorrel

Dauntless - The character guide

Katerine is one of the main characters that will allow us to conclude and receive new ones history quests, always keep it in mind as a reference point.

Markus Boehr

Dauntless - The character guide

Markus is the alchemist of the city who will allow us to create tonics that will increase the character's statistics if used during the battle.

To create the potions we should collect specific items that we can find during our hunts.

List of tonics and effects

Pressing Tonic: Provides an attack speed increase between 10% and 30% based on the monster's missing life for 60 seconds.

-Stamina Tonic: Increases stamina regeneration by 50% while reducing consumption by 50% for 120 seconds.

Tonic of Frenzy: Increases damage dealt by 15% for 60 seconds. If the Behemoth is Enraged, the bonus increases to 30%

-Tonic of the Bastion: Reduces damage taken by 45% for the next three attacks

Gregary Flynt

Dauntless - The character guide

Thanks to the Gregario we will be able to consult the hunting license (Season pass), which will include objectives that if completed will increase the level of the Pass.

Rewards will be available for each level, which can range from animations, coins, and cosmetic items. We remind you that if you buy the pass at a cost of about € 10, it will be possible to receive further rewards and level up Hunt Pass more easily.

Wils Bormer

Dauntless - The character guide

It will be our point of reference if we want to create weaponry. Just enter the creation menu to find the list of weapons that we can create.

We will be able to find various categories of weapons: sword, hammers, double blades, axes and spears

We remind you that even here, you will need to collect materials by killing specific monsters. Some weapons will require materials that can be obtained by destroying specific parts of monsters.

Moyra Heigsketter

Dauntless - The character guide

Moyra is our trusted blacksmith who will allow us to create armature, same principle of operation of weapons.

It will be possible within the creation menu, create new ones or boost up those already obtained.

Arkan Drew

Dauntless - The character guide

It is our point for the creation of the lanterns, these too will require certain materials in order to be built. Lanterns can be used during battle to get a temporary effect, once the effect is over, it will be necessary to wait for the latter to occur recharged before you can use it again.

Here is an example list of the first lanterns that will unlock as you progress through the game.

List of lanterns:

Shrike's fervor

Instant effect: Increase movement speed by 40% for 6 seconds.

Rewards: Creates an aura that grants the slayer and nearby allies 15% movement speed for 15 seconds.

Recruit's Lantern

Instant effect: Grants a shield of 50 points (not stackable)

Rewards: Scatters the Aether which allows the Slayer to track down the Behemoth

Challenge of the Skarn

Instant Effect: Grants a 250 point shield for 6 seconds.

Rewards: Surround Slayers with a flurry of stones that inflict 900 points of Earth damage to all nearby enemies for 10 seconds.

Embermane flame

Instant effect: Your attack speed increases by 30% for 8 seconds

Press: Create a fireball in front of you that explodes after 5 seconds, dealing 750 Fire damage to all nearby enemies.

Janek zai

Dauntless - The character guide

Janek is an unlockable npc only after completing the first story missions. Thanks to him we will be allowed to create grenades and guns.


Unlike weapons, they are divided into various parts, based on the stock and equipped magazine they will have different moves. We will therefore have the opportunity to customize it to our liking based on the situation we are going to face. Here too we leave you an example list of some of the modifications available for the pistols.

Types of Calcium:

Soccer of the captain

Shortly throw a power-up, which once told increases damage and attack speed for 15 seconds to the Slayer who picks it up.

Overcharge: Gives the boost to all Slayers instead

Kick of the saboteur

Throw an explosive mine that deals damage. The mine charges after a short time increasing the damage dealt.

Overcharge: Deals damage and can interrupt Behemoths

Types of Charger:

Sniper Loader

Fires a bullet in a straight line, wounding the first Behemoth hit for 250 damage. The damaged part takes 40% additional damage from bullets for 10 seconds.

Overcharge: Damage bonus increased to 80% for you and 25% for your allies.

Large caliber magazine

Fires a straight line piercing shot that damages everything in its path.

Overcharge: Damage is greatly increased but the Slayer recoils from the recoil.

Multiple charger

Fires a ballistic missile in a straight line that deals 400 damage to the area around the impact point.

Overcharge: Fire 3 fanned missiles.

List of Prisms

 Cuordipietra prism

Dealing damage has a chance (based on the amount of damage dealt) to grant a shield of 40 health for 12 seconds

Before the storm

The last 4 shots in your clip spawn Frost Pixies which add 50 bonus damage and some freezing damage to your next attack. Maximum 4 Pixies

Glacial prism

Dodging leaves freezing mine (s) on the ground with a 30 second cooldown.


They are gods Consumable similar to tonics, so they must be equipped and then used during battle.

For grenades, we will also need crafting items.

The mediator

Dauntless - The character guide

It will be a shop that will allow us to buy against, which are applicable in weapons or armor. They have a purely passive effect and statistician.

Within its menu we will also have the possibility of being able to merge two mod to create a more powerful one, each creation will take a specific time to merge.


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