Genshin Impact - How to Make Xiao Lanterns

Genshin Impact - How to Make Xiao Lanterns

Xiao Lanterns in Genshin Impact are made with Lantern Fiber, Wick Material, and Plate Shard.

There are three unique materials needed to craft Xiao Lanterns in Genshin Impact, and each comes from a specific set of sources. These are all found from items and enemies commonly encountered while playing Genshin Impact, so you won't have to do too much harm to win each one. Let's break down each material and where to find them:

  • Lantern fiber
    • Obtained from harvestable plants (berries, mint, sweet flower, etc.).
  • Wick material
    • Obtained from hilichurl-type enemies and Fatui elites.
      • Fatui's elites are Agent Pyro and Mage Cicin, so Fatui's other gunners don't count.
  • Shard of plaustrite
    • Obtained from Gatherable Ores, Geovishap Hatchlings, Geovishaps, and Stonehide Lawachurls.

These three materials have a chance of falling off, so they are not guaranteed. You may need to light farming if you want to craft a Xiao Lantern Stack for the Lantern Rite event, but you shouldn't have a problem grabbing a bunch of these materials while completing your daily Genshin Impact commissions. . You'll likely get a bunch of Lantern Fiber, Wick Material, and Plaustrite Shards just by completing your Lantern Rite Tales side quests, which is a victory. Keep in mind that Xiao Lanterns used in Theater Mechanicus are spent whether you pass or fail, you may want to have several on hand when trying a new challenge, difficulty, or stage.

Xiao Lanterns are crafted at the Alchemy Table in Genshin Impact, and you only need Lantern Fiber, Wick Material, and Plate Shard to make a single Xiao Lantern. They also cost 50 Mora to craft, but that shouldn't be too much of a problem for the majority of players (a single lay line should net you enough Mora to cover the entire event).

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