The 10 Best Sleep Tracking Apps for Android

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A good night's rest is very important for your health. Those who don't have enough don't feel well during the day. Smartphones can't do all the work. They can, however, be useful. There are apps that can track your sleep. It will tell you when you were restless, how many times you woke up, etc. It's a good way to help maintain your health. Here are the best sleep tracking apps on Android.

Xtreme alarm clock

Xrteme Alarm Clock has a lot going for it. It's technically an alarm clock app. However, it also has sleep tracking features. It has a variety of alarms. The idea is to help people who have trouble waking up by giving them a bunch of different ways to try. It will save you the time you go to bed and wake up to every morning. It will even analyze the quality of your sleep as well as your quantity. Not what you would think when it came to finding tracking apps. However, it is not half bad.


Google Fit

Google Fit seems to do just about everything. It will track your activity, steps, calories, and even sleep. The app is pretty basic. You just do things and bring them into the app as needed. The app then listens to your progress. The app is integrated with a ton of other services. They include Runkeeper, MyFitnessPal, Lifesum, Sleep like Android, and several types of fitness trackers. It even works with Android Wear. It is one of the best sleep trackers. Especially if you use it with other apps.


Runtastic Sleep Better

Sleep Better with Runtastic is a stupid name for an app. However, the app is actually quite decent. It connects directly to Runtastic. So, you can use both apps to track your sleep and fitness. The app includes a sleep monitoring feature, a rest timer, and even the ability to track caffeine and alcohol consumption. It lets you rate your mood when you wake up too. Like most, you'll need to put the phone in bed with you so it can accurately track your sleep. It's free. The pro version costs €1,99.


Sleep as Android

Sleep as Android is one of the original mobile sleep tracking apps. It was long enough to deepen into something really special. It will track your sleep cycles as normal. It also has support for Android Wear, Pebble (RIP), and Galaxy Gear devices. The app can also integrate with Google Fit and Samsung Health. It can play binaural tones to help you sleep. It will even act as an alarm clock that will allow you to solve a captcha before the alarm goes off. The free version is a two-week free trial. After that you will have to pay for it.



SleepBot is not one of the most popular sound tracking apps. That doesn't mean it doesn't work. It supports multiple alarms, widget support, and it will work in airplane mode. You can also set reminders to make sure you go to bed on time. After a bit, you'll get graphs showing your sleep movements, sleep patterns, and it'll even let you talk while you sleep. You can even back up the data for future use using their cloud storage. It is a free app with no in-app purchase. It has advertisements.


Sleep Cycle alarm clock

Sleep cycle alarm clock is one of the most expensive sleep tracking apps. The free version has a fair set of features. He will try to wake you up when you feel you are ready to do so. It also offers sleep analysis, nightly sleep graphs and various alarms. The premium version includes additional features. Some, like the Philips Hue integration, are only for iOS. We thought that was lame. The premium version is a $29,99 per year subscription. We don't know if it's worth it. The free version is nice though.


Sleep time

Sleep Time is another one of the sleep tracking apps with a subscription price. It looks pretty decent. It has a variety of alarm clock settings. Also, it's a sleep analysis, a wake-up algorithm that tries to wake you up when it thinks you're ready. It will offer all your statistics on the graphs. These are basically the basics. You'll have to pay for some of the best stuff, but that's okay. It does the basics pretty well.


Sleep tracker

Sleep Tracker is one of the newest mobile sleep tracking apps. The sleep charts on this one are quite detailed. It attempts to graphically represent each sleep cycle, including REM, N1, N2, and N3 deep sleep. The app also comes with a dream diary (really), additional sleep stats and more. It also has a multi-touch snooze timer. Each finger you touch the screen will extend the nap by five minutes. This is a dangerous feature for late sleepers. It's really new and we don't know how dedicated the developer is. That might narrow next year's update. Maybe not. We will let you know!



SnoreLab is one of the more unique sleep tracking apps. In fact, it doesn't do most basic things. This one simply saves you snoring. It will detect when you snore, log the times and record yourself doing it. It will also measure intensity, frequency and more. You can even log when you've done things like drink to see their effects on your snoring. He will email you for easy referrals. It won't give you graphs based on your N3 deep sleep cycle, but it's amazing for snoring.



Physical trackers and manufacturer apps make a lot of sense. You wear things like your Fitbit almost 24/7. The app can track your sleep. Why not use it for that? These have the advantage of being manufactured for a specific material. That means they can usually do a pretty decent job of logging things. There are also other apps like Samsung Health that have the same benefits. Samsung optimizes the app for the phones they produce. Thus, it can be more accurate than a third-party solution. Your mileage may vary. However, you might want to try them first before looking for third-party solutions.


If we missed any of the best sleep tracking apps, please let us know in the comments.

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